If you could add anything to the Cricket, what would it be? 
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  • taxaoutdoorsIf you could add anything to the Cricket, what would it be?
    Commenters eligible for YETI Tumbler drawing on Friday!

    #taxaoutdoors #camping #adventures #climbing #greatoutdoors #cricket #camper #trailers #rvlife #moutainbiking #mtbike #colorado #utah #californiaadventure #hikingadventures #hiking #weekend #campingadventures

  • scoutrrrMe
  • marvinberry1955Bunks for adults. My two teenagers are too big for the "attic" beds.
  • cellyhockeyChange the roof to add a rack that could support a small roof top tent ⛺️
  • mamperdudeSolar panel to the roof
  • samself7My '74 bronco on the front of it.
  • henleycarterTinted windows
  • peregrination_photographyThe design and weight of my Cricket Trek is incredible. I've pulled it over the Rockies with my Subaru Outback, 4 cylinder, easy enough. I'm such a fan I thought about quitting my career as an airline captain to move to Houston and demand a role in the company. I'm a sucker for good innovative design. Although I'll continue to be jealous of the new features and builds as they roll out, I'm happy to give some input. 🤔.. A Blue Tooth wired audio surround system... I would love an inverter so I could take advantage of light AC power applications when I'm off the grid... Slightly more plush rests for sleeping. I ended up putting a memory foam topper over the existing ones for a good nights rest... I've wished for an additional DC outlet under the hatch by the back storage a few times for blowing up sleeping pads and water toys... A dedicated DC outlet for the fridge that is out of sight would be clean and beautiful... A protection for the water heater in empty conditions... A volt meter display and water level indicator would be cool... Although I haven't had a problem with the table, when it's in the down / bed position it becomes the most convenient place to sit and some additional corner support may be beneficial. I'm very consciences about placing my weight anywhere but center. Perhaps a lip on the adjacent storage area to mitigate stress over time... Mirror image down screw supports for the front as they are in the back... A dedicated roof top solar option would be rad, there's a lot of exposed square feet forward of the rack.. Pro tip, I found the GCI 25 Inch folding camp table fits perfectly by the toilet. I couldn't live without it now. I've been meaning to call about getting my awning too.. Someone also damaged my back hatch and the window so I was wondering about replacement costs on that as well 😬..
  • taxaoutdoors@peregrination_photography Wow! Wish I could like this comment more! Thanks for the great feedback and thanks for being apart of the Taxa family :)
  • nicolekriescaSofter cushions to sleep on and battery level monitor - we modified ours to include both but having them as an option would be cool 😎 PS - excited to take our son on his first Cricket adventure this season!! Oh - screen door option or something less heavy for the door as can be cumbersome when going in and out quite often.
  • fixielinzOff-road capabilities!
  • jr987987I want one!
  • michaeljeffers@thearlo @weslittledrums_weslove #twoscoutsandahippie
  • cricketcampingWe love our 2015 Cricket. We struggle with transporting four bikes. We would love a trailer hitch on the back for a hitch mounted bike rack.
  • retrorovers👍
  • tannercarney🔥
  • robyn_packLadder on the side to better reach racks, or a hitch tube on the back to attach a bike rack
  • robyn_packWater drain on fresh tank sticks out really low, make it removable or adjustable or just a plug?
  • robyn_packHands free holder for shower attachment on the front
  • robyn_packPadded carry bag for stove-it bumps around in its little slot
  • robyn_packA bit of a shelf on the kitchen side where the hard side and tent fabric meet-just big enough to put items like cups or glasses on. Source: I lived in my trek for 2 months with 3 huskies
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