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  • sarahaleyfitI've been holding my tongue for a while now on the craziness I see on social media - specifically when it comes to pregnancy (and postnatal) fitness posts. So many of the "inspirational" exercises I see from pregnant women on Instagram are so worrisome to me. As a pre & postnatal exercise specialist and mom of two (with number three on the way), as well as someone who has had to heal diastasis recti (the splitting of the abdominals), I've learned and seen the safest and best ways of keeping your body safe during pregnancy. I almost typed "body and baby" but the reality is most of the craziness I see on Instagram doesn't worry me in terms of your baby. That baby is super protected in there. It's the Mama I'm talking about and what some of these exercises are going to do to damage her abs, her pelvic floor and her overall postnatal recovery. It's not that I want to discourage anyone from "liking" such posts. I'm just more afraid of women trying to replicate exercises that ultimately cause more damage than good. ----------------------------------
    I hope to start sharing more on here of what I feel are some great safe modifications for pregnancy. You won't see anything super fancy but you will see smart safe movement. Keep in mind modifications doesn't always mean easier, it just means safer and/or better for you at this specific point in time. The 2 exercises here are great modifications for my cardio junkies who LOVE tuck jumps and jumping jacks. The one on the left (squat into side high knees) gives room for baby and still works the legs and core like a tuck jump would. On the right are other ways to do jumping jacks that are much more grounded (think go wide instead of high). Speed both exercises up for more cardiovascular benefits. -----------------------------------
    I hope you'll share this with your fellow moms-to-be and new moms.

  • angbfit_lipladyI love this! Thank you! Keep sharing :) :)
  • angbfit_lipladyIt's tough finding exercises to help with pubic symphysis diastasis-have you had it before?
  • litaluxeHi Sarah! Great post 😊 my separation is less than a finger now, (yay! Working hard!) I'm wondering if it needs to be completely closed to return back to planks and crunches?
  • sarahaleyfit@litaluxe That's great. I would consider that basically closed. Here's my personal (and professional) opinion - Go back to planks but in moderation to start (like a few times a week opposed to every day). As soon as you feel like you can't engage your TVA (which I'm assuming you know how to do since you closed your gap - if not, ask me) stop and take a break. If you can't stay engaged you are only asking for your gap to come back. As for crunches, unless you love doing them there is no reason to. There are so many other core exercises that are better. If you do choose to do them, just make sure you are doing them correctly. Make sense?
  • princessesandproteinAmen!!!
  • sarahaleyfitYes @angbfit I had something similar during my pregnancy with Liam. No one diagnosed it as that but it was the best guess. Fortunately it did not last long - or at least the pain didn't. Email me at info@sarahaley.com and I can send you some recommendations.
  • litaluxe@sarahaleyfit absolutely. I only ask about planks and crunches because they are included in all of my workout DVD's 😂 I have to get a workout in when I can and I don't wanna modify everything if I don't have to! Thank you for the quick response! You are a great support ❤
  • lundlady@sambamm.k If you need some good pregnancy workouts.... 💪🏻
  • sambamm.k@lundlady thank you! Been looking for something I can do at home, for the days I don't wanna leave the house!
  • sarahaleyfit@lundlady thanks Mama!
  • sarahaleyfit@sambamm.k use code IG20 for 20% off at sarahaley.com. Expecting More is my pregnancy program. How far along are you?
  • sarahaleyfit@litaluxe stay tuned here on IG. I'll be sharing some great modifications that you can just ingrain in your body.
  • angbfit_lipladyThank you!! I will definitely send you an email 😊
  • abbyphon@sarahaleyfit We're good! Tired, but good lol! How's everything with you? xo
  • jaharoldsI love this one! Really, all of them are amazing though. It feels so good to get my body moving and to feel sore again! 💪🏻
  • sandravp56I've always admired how bold you were with your pregnancies, such an inspiration! @sarahaleyfit
  • sarahaleyfit@sandravp56 ahh thank you!
  • sarahaleyfitUnlike #pregnantandperfect #pumpthebump #inspirepregnancy
  • jordandunawayLove getting modifications!
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