• gracemaharyPedaling for a brighter future for all 🤗💡🌍♻️🔋 #projecttsehigh #cleanenergy

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  • dapperdreecetight!
  • segen.berhaneHey Grace! My name is Segen Berhane and I had a couple of questions about Project Tsehigh. I'm in the 10th grade and writing an essay for the World Affairs Council's annual World Citizen Essay Contest for my English class. This years topic is "The International Year of Sustainable Tourism". We're supposed to explain where we'll go and why, and what steps we'll take to make sure that our travels are truly sustainable. I chose Eritrea as my destination and I've always wanted to do something about the restricted access of energy/electricity. After I saw that you launched Project Tsehigh, it made me feel good that there is someone out there who wanted to help with the same situation. We're supposed to find an organization that has the same end goal as what we want and I decided to choose Project Tsehigh. I was wondering if there was any way you could give me more information about the organization such as, is there volunteer work (if so, how old would you have to be), where/how exactly wou
  • gracemahary@segen.berhane hey! We'd love to help! Contact us at projecttsehigh@gmail.com so we can give you a little more info!
  • patrickvitorihugarThat is one heck of a workout
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