🔊 Free pattern alert 🔊 
So I've decided to give away this crochet pattern for free, as I'm so excited to make crochet sweaters accomplish-able. I mean, you can't really stay afraid of making a crochet sweater 🙆 Therefore I've made a beginner sweater that is so easy that you won't even need to know now how to make a "chain" or "slip stitch" to make it. In addition I'm working constantly these days to make my crochet tutorials even more detailed, all as a part of a new website that will be ready within a few months. 
One catch - you'll need to grab this sweater to get all those updates - I mean, when I've finished this new website, you'll wanna get first hand information about all the AMAZING free stuff I'm giving away. Link in profile ☝️
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