• fiubusiness"As a student, I think it’s really easy to get overwhelmed with finding your purpose. I actually started college with the intention of finding financial stability for the future but little did I know that I would actually come to love and appreciate the journey. The never-ending desire of learning something new is what keeps me motivated every day and it also moves me to help others along the way. My involvement in several on and off-campus organizations has helped me find my passion of empowering minorities, and I hope that I can one day help women from undeveloped countries prosper and free themselves from discrimination. Ultimately, I wouldn't have found my purpose and meaning in life if it hadn't been for my parents - so I'm very grateful for them." - Natalie Reyes, Finance Major #MovingForward #PeopleofCOB

  • pauladuran7So proud.
  • nellabellisima👏👏👏
  • argenisbouza✊🏻✊🏻✊🏻 so proud! People like you move the world!
  • cant_spell_problem_without_robNat the Kat!
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