• embrocyclingIn for testing, @wahoofitnessofficial released an updated version of their Kickr. The most important change from our perspective comes from less noise, but this trainer is still all about performance. The most recent test slated it against a new @stagescycling and after (5) 10min intervals the variance comparing the Kickr to Stages was -1%/-.4%/-.05%/.3%/.5%. Every interval varied less than 1%. Solid.
    #test #review #embroapproved #portlandoregon #kickr #wahoo

  • rosie7811The updated handle is key too!
  • christyhawkLove my kickr
  • gvngldI had the same experience with first gen Kickr. Close enough to Stages that I don't need the Stages on the trainer bike
  • embrocycling@gvngld I didn't expect them to be this close after spending so many years on Computrainers
  • jasonjdavisJust got one and am excited to get on it next week and go to work!
  • embrocycling@jasonjdavis what will you sync yours to? My MacBook Pro and TrainerRoad setup is pretty great.
  • jasonjdavis@embrocycling I'll have the same setup!
  • podpischiki_rusНакрутка подписчиков интересует? Писать в Директ.
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