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  • frostyarnConsider this less "tutorial" and more me documenting my journey learning how to print and paint sock blanks. Aside from how to properly thicken dye, there's not a single word on how to print or stencil or Draw on sock blanks that I have found. I called dharmatrading to talk about various resists that might work to keep the lines sharp and crisp but there isn't one on the market for such porous fabric . Start to finish from dying it to heat setting it to painting it this took over two hours. Definitely a labor of love, not in any way profitable. It reminds me of when I was Learning To dye the hard way, by myself, in my Dad's Kitchen in 2008 with Kool-Aid and food coloring. #handdyed #sockblank #neverstoplearning

  • handmadesolaceMaybe you could use a foam "pouncer" to fill in the stencils? I've seen them used to apply paint using stencils on walls... It looks so colorful, though. I love it when you use space pics as inspiration :)
  • takouhi_2Great job!
  • kiyowaraIt's a great way to create yarn with specific intent. Then the design is broken up and released as the knitting/weaving/crotchet happens. It's beautiful
  • rubywing22@faye_zer 👓🎨✌️
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