Down to ride til the very end...
  • sarahhhraeDown to ride til the very end...

  • ninmeiiCute! 😜
  • sarahhhrae@slimane_lehziel have a blessed day
  • taylor.allanKillin em with kindness sarah 😎💅🏼
  • manuelgarcia7579Linda 😍❤⚘
  • springs1992MB.
  • ceekah1943I swear, You are a goddess! I love everything about you! You exude grace and love it's so contagious. I love all your vids. God bless
  • ashleymartinosky💙
  • slimane_lehzielI'm sorry
  • slimane_lehziel😂
  • thesharperbarkerExcellent!
  • kuriouskimmm😍😍😍 I just saw your snaps about how you don't want to or didn't want to speak about why your abstinent and it's fine if you do not feel like posting or refilm it. Sometimes you just got to do what you want to do and not listen to what we want you to talk about mostly when you don't want to talk about it, your supporters will still be here if you don't upload it either way. When you do feel like speaking about it, you will film it (hopefully) and upload it and we will enjoy it. You just got to do what you want to do and not because we asked you to talk about it. Some things are just personal and we will understand. 😊 Lots of love from California. 💕💙
  • kristin.n.westBeautiful!! Have you been losing weight? Either way, ALWAYS gorgeous
  • didig_I buy swimsuits and I can't swim. 😂You know what they say about assuming 💁🏽. You're still great. Your life is your life. No matter what you choose to do with it, you're still the same inspirational person this 19 year old watches at 3am. Much love ❤❤ you're gorgeous.
  • sumacomp1Linda
  • brittany_nicole.19Girl I love you❤😂 your soo beautiful
  • 29cristyAdorable!! 😍💑🔥🙌
  • courtneyhoingGirl what lipstick are you wearing in your last video?!
  • rolly927Beautiful
  • hidalgo1040Fat gurlz cum faster 😘❤️💦💦💦💦💦
  • ciriloco2016Beautiful smile....
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