Interesting results so far on our latest Twitter Poll, head over to vote now!
  • theprodigyfanboyInteresting results so far on our latest Twitter Poll, head over to vote now!

  • supersparkyyIMD...✊
  • thedaniel46_Not a twitter user but love both. Should have had Their Law on there too!!
  • mrdavepriceWhat!! I adore TDIME. It thrashes IMD for consistency
  • mihajlo_ljubenovicI can't decide. I just can't
  • jilted74Got to be IMD tho some great tunes on both of course
  • daveydactylInvaders each & every
  • andre.stfuImd
  • jessegortermusicIMD no contest
  • lordsidious66That's like picking your favourite​ child...impossible!!!
  • theprodigyfanboy@lordsidious66 lol
  • lordsidious66I lied...picking a child would be a lot easier hahaha!!!
  • pg.79Old stuff is better when we talk the prodigy. @theprodigyfanboy by the way your forum don't load on iPhone. (And never did) :(. On a site note. What ever happens to nekosite and neko? U know?
  • theprodigyfanboy@pg.79 Working on my iPhone, using Safari. Neko? I reached out years ago with no response. People move on I guess... I can understand that...
  • pg.79Just get the loading thing. Safari. Latest os. Maybe just me?
  • pg.79Strange with neko. She (right?) was a huge fan. I wonder what happened.
  • theprodigyfanboy@pg.79 Life happened haha. I've had thoughts like that, family first you know. Kids on the way. No much time for website, but I'm trying my best. Would be neat tho to get contact & do an interview with her.
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