• angiethefoodieAnother astounding recipe from @amyshealthybaking to kick start my Sunday: The Ultimate Healthy Monkey Bread! 🐵🍞 This is my first time tasting monkey bread and WOW it's pillowy balls of sweet caramely cinnamon goodness! These taste just like Cinnabon cinnamon rolls but minus all those fats and calories 💝 Amy is able to heathify everything! 😱 #amyshealthybaking #monkeybread

  • erinthefoodieYummm monkey bread
  • michoupiggyBring me food... im sick 😷
  • amyshealthybakingIt looks absolutely perfect!!! You're such a talented baker! 😘 And I'm really glad you loved it. Your sweet words always make my heart so happy! ❤️
  • angiethefoodie@erinthefoodie I wish I had discovered monkey bread sooner hahaha it's delish!
  • angiethefoodie@michoupiggy aww I forgot how easily you get sick in the winter 😭
  • angiethefoodie@amyshealthybaking this monkey bread is delicious! I heated some up at work for breakfast and everyone asked me what that delicious smell is! 🙈 next week I want to make your raspberry lemon cake but I'm not sure if I can use frozen raspberries to decorate the top 😰 I only have frozen fruit and I feel like they might not hold up 😔
  • michoupiggy@angiethefoodie it's the third time already this winter 😭😭
  • amyshealthybakingAwww you're just the sweetest!! That means SO much to me that everyone at work asked about it! 😘😘 I think if you completely thaw the raspberries and pat them dry with paper towels to remove the excess liquid from thawing, that should work! 💛
  • amyshealthybakingAnother Sunday, another beautiful picture... Perhaps you know what this comment means? 😉😘😘
  • angiethefoodie@amyshealthybaking thank you so much for the feature Amy! You are always so kind ❤️💖
  • amyshealthybakingI'm simply returning the favor, sweet friend! 😘💛
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