I'm on vacation with Mike McCready teaching me how to ski in Deer Valley Utah!
  • brandicarlileI'm on vacation with Mike McCready teaching me how to ski in Deer Valley Utah!

  • katereymann@wanderingharts We had to leave early because Luke was freezing and didn't feel well! ☹️
  • cokeekersFrench fries 🍟 not pizza 🍕 #pigtoedskiproblems
  • adisch41@brandicarlile Any chance you'll still be there next week!?
  • ginabbcbfanmnIf you ever head up north here in MN during the winter there's great places for skiing and snow shoeing
  • cassimatthews@brittney_m_baker that would have been so awesome
  • brucesmellJealous!!!
  • ruby.sue.7How fun! I'm at trollhaugen Troll in Wisconsin.
  • drsurf1once you ski and EAT there you are ruined for any other mountain!
  • the.b.eeHaha I just learned recently too! Deer Valley is so nice! Hope you're enjoying urself
  • masonbartonBut sing in deer valley you are queen
  • ter808Looks like you need a coat and hat!!!
  • lil_lylahs_mommomBest snow on earth. And we have A LOT of it this year! Have fun!
  • rumkitten_xo_Don't break anything important! Have a blast!
  • berthaughinCooking up plans for a Brandi with PJ summer double bill tour?😀
  • ericfrayerHi Brandi! Have a great well deserved vacation/time away. Please tour when it's warm!
  • ekuno13@elkugler ski trip 2018 is sooo happening next year 😆
  • kristenhsU guys rock
  • krisangelisI was just remembering the other day when I was in Park City, the time I went snowboarding for the first time with you guys and you were trying to help me up and I just couldn't and then I lost all control of my body and just laughed while you held me up and said "Ok! Get it together, Kris!" 😂😂I was so bummed when I found out that you played at Sundance the day after I left! I hope the skiing got better and you're not too sore!
  • akcreekTelemarking? Girlfriend and I arguing over what kind of skiing...
  • bonniebabe88It's really great there!! 😍
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