• longrangerjustinLooking a little grizzly while overlooking Bear Peak today. Conditions were a little windy, but not too bad out there! Trying my best to ramp up my weekly mileage, but bopping up and down mountains just isn't the easiest way to do that. I cant help it, too much fun! ...even though my quads protest. #boulder #osmp #trailrunning #trailrun #runwithud

  • dtbfreeNice man. You training for Dirty 30?
  • hairysunsLiving the dream!
  • longrangerjustin@dtbfree I always like to take part in the Dirty 30, as @ultimatedirectionusa is a main sponsor, but I would also like to do some races beforehand to keep my training legit. The @oskarblues Old Man Winter Rally (on bike) and the Red Hot 55 are on my radar. Lots of early season races, than big all summer project! ;)
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