• rebecca.jacobsYour clothes—they’re a way you live out the story you tell yourself.
    Often I’ve used my clothes to reinforce whatever I’m telling myself that day—to both good and bad ends.
    Feeling down on myself about being not productive enough? I’ll make sure I “don’t have time” to do hair + makeup and leave the house in leggings and a parka {which leaves me feeling like myself 4 years ago instead of who I am now.}
    The flip-side: I can start my day off feeling so-so, but choose that I’m capable of more + dress to reflect that {and by the end of the day I’ll believe it.}
    How often do we do this? Use our clothes to reinforce whatever idea we have about ourself—good or bad.
    Today, live out a story you WANT to be true. ✨ #stepintoyourstyle

  • poggioalcasoneAbove all !! 🙌 🙌
  • orebeautyGreat :)
  • rebecca.jacobsThanks, love! 😘 me too! @stylebyh_
  • rebecca.jacobsIt's so easy to not think about it like this! As I shared I do it too! @365pearlsofwisdom to approaching it with love + intention 🙌
  • rebecca.jacobsThanks, love! @orebeauty
  • gabpacificoLove this!
  • katebialowasLove love love that long jacket!
  • rebecca.jacobsThanks, lovely! Hope you are doing well 😘 @gabpacifico
  • rebecca.jacobsThanks, m’love! @katebialowas I'm a fan of the long coats too—especially for Toronto winter!
  • theblondielocksLove everything about this! I wanted that sweater so badly but when I went to purchase it it was sold out everywhere 😂
  • rebecca.jacobsAw nuts!! I bet you'll find one that's even better for you! @theblondielocks I'm feeling the same way about a pair of ankle boots I wanted but are sold out 🙈
  • previewgridBeautiful coat ✔
  • lularoemaileAbsolutely brilliant
  • startingbossyInspiring!
  • themagneticwomanI love your coat. It looks so warm and chic 💜
  • rumpustoronto✊👍👍👍👍
  • froustudio❤❤❤
  • insperativediyGorgeous shot! Love your blog!!
  • wildheartsconferencelove!! 💕
  • triptyc.londonThis is nice
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