• ghostlyferns"Looking back on my life, labels have done more to hinder my personal growth and career more than anything else. Whether it’s hetero, married, woman, product designer, brand designer or pescetarian, I’m done letting labels define my tastes and my life’s choices. When I started removing labels, I opened up a world of possibility for who I can be. It’s allowed me to grow and become a better wife, friend, daughter, designer, and person." Read our @darngooood's full interview on The French House by poking that link in our bio! ✨

  • sarahdegeorgeOut for a run but super excited to grab a tea, come back home and read upon return 😄
  • pghzombieLoved reading the interview!
  • agrafelmanNice interview!
  • margotharringtonBrava, brava!!! 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾
  • ordinarypresscoThis is precisely my current struggle. Thank you for sharing!! Love this feed!!
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