• philipbloomCamouflage Mac! I wasn't sure about this when I saw them online, I thought it would be like adding naff Mahogany veneer to my car dash! Still, I bought one for my new MacBook Pro and it is really nice. Real wood skins from @cover_up
    As much as I love the space grey design of them they get scratched so easily. The plastic cover I used on my previous MacBook Pro protected well but looked cheap. These are surprisingly nice and very thin. I mostly wanted to share this as it looked funny on my coffee table!

  • jeffhodges3So one thing I realized the other day while using a skinned MacBook is that by adding a skin you're reducing the thermal dissipation that the aluminum casing provides to a degree by adding what amounts to insulation to the outside of your computer. So just keep that in mind @philipbloom
  • stankwanphotosNo way!!! Amazing case!
  • mynameisminkimIt'd been perfect of the logo lit up like the old ones do hahaha. Well, i can still purchase them for my old ones
  • martin.lionswhy not @dbrandskins
  • philipbloom@martin.lions why not these guys? (U.K.)
  • martin.lionstouchè
  • kylehermsenYou should check out @woodchuckusa, they have super sweet real wood skins like the one you got but they also plant a tree for every product you buy 👍
  • vckramI like it! Good choice.
  • bobridgesStill not as cool as your custom bamboo sleeves @ghydle
  • martystepi use mine as a cutting board for wine and cheese too...
  • looffeSlickwraps also have nice skins! I've got cork on mine!
  • worthlessfilms@mand.o.lynn lol
  • krismarkduthieBeen using their skins on my phone since my 4s! Great quality and hoping they'll make a skin for the iMac soon...
  • philipbloom@krismarkduthie iMac??
  • bigrai_aaronAwesome 👌👌👍
  • mauriceschoenenSo, how do you feel about the 2016 MBP after using it?
  • iangrogan_I know you don't do "video reviews" anymore, but do you plan on getting the GH5 and maybe doing a short vlog style review of it?
  • grimberge🙏
  • austinmakesfilms@philipbloom where is it?
  • cover_up@krismarkduthie stay tuned 😍
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