Goodbye 2016
Bring it on 2017!!
  • brandicarlileGoodbye 2016
    Bring it on 2017!!

  • jennye712@hamosher
  • klbroganMiddle fingers up 🖕🏽#Lemonade
  • mylittletribeI love everything about this image :)
  • jaymepoland❤❤❤ @lindseynw
  • jdance558best show i've ever been to. thank you. ❤️
  • sunnie_lynn#forrealtho
  • this one!!!
  • pixiepopeYayuh!!!! 🎯🎯🎯
  • shawnahanThis makes my are channeling every sane person in this country's feelings....sad that I missed it.. good job BC
  • kelly.monroe😍😍
  • bootsonstage👍
  • nesset99#thegospelaccordingtobrandi ... I got my eye on 2017 and 🖕🏼2016 too
  • originalsliceyPretty sure that's what we all said to 2016. C'mon, 2017, please be good!
  • crierbrothers☠🎸
  • endlessyoga#fuck2016
  • hmpoolmanI love you @brandicarlile
  • idaoldernesHi, are you gonna come to Norway or europe any time soon? I love your music and it would really be extraordinary to see you live. Keep up the good work, you're truly an amazing artist.
  • carolinecrillyTour dates April, yes!! UK though. Please 🙌🏽
  • mrssnook1991Dear Brandi I don't know if you read this but I wanted to let you know! The day before your concert I found out I have cancer. I almost cancelled our plans. So depressed,so scared and really feeling like crap! But I've been waiting since we saw you in Bend and had been very excited! I so glad that I went and the show was so awesome! For three hours I forgot about icky stuff and danced my ass off! I am so great full for that! I cried when you sang The Eye and get chills every time I hear! Thank you from one of your Biggest Fans in Salem Oregon, love ❤️ Julie Snook
  • daphnaireneFUCK 2016!!!
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