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Deluxe Suite Blue Houses. Design Nina & Johan Kauppi. Photo Asaf Kliger @asafkliger

The little village of Blue Houses is built out of strong snow walls and beautiful ice windows. The cold materials are formed to iconic shapes with clear lines, where dreamy dimmed light reflects from the inaccessible insides. 
Many houses will be standing for hundreds of years and the materials will leave traces even when the house is gone, retelling its story. 
The day Blue Houses melts to the ground they will leave no other trace than perhaps a growing sprout of a watered seed. “Blue Houses is a minimalistic tribute to houses,
dwellings and tranquility. An invitation to mindfulness. The time to enjoy is now.” NINA KAUPPI is a designer from Malmö who worked with Tiffany & Co in New York as well as Thomas Sabo in Germany Nina creates with a special love for details, whether it is jewels, furniture or spaces.

JOHAN KAUPPI is a designer and interior designer from Northern Sweden. He works multidisciplinary with products, furniture, interior design and concept design. He has also designed a bridge, a cold bath and an outdoor gym.

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