This year (and every year), make plans to explore, enjoy and protect the planet!
  • sierraclubThis year (and every year), make plans to explore, enjoy and protect the planet!

  • lightanddark86Amen to that
  • barbarabrauchWe were there! ❤
  • b.r.o.k.oA little confused why this is a photo of Canada for Sierra Club. Isn't the Sierra Club focused on the US?
  • fishtown_homesteadBeautiful! I love that sentiment!
  • outcomes_matterJust don't use fossil fuels to get there or eat any food produced with fossil fuel when u get there
  • coleyork@laura.hoffacker
  • meezrr3amen
  • invisionsshopLove!! ✨✨✨
  • juncus33@outcomes_matter: I agree we should use fewer fossil fuels, but we should all work to make it easier for everyone to not use fossil fuels. Many companies are trying but there's not enough investment made into alternative energies at this time. And with the global problem of abject poverty in many parts of the world, misuse of resources and energy, is chronic. Not everyone can afford to live "off the grid", own an electric vehicle, or have the ability to ride a bicycle to work or even the wild places. Have you heard of You can view a video on YouTube about "Global Wealth & Inequality". A great place to start looking at this issue. Sorry! I love the wild places in the world, and part of protecting them is to change the inequities within our global society.
  • animalbabeno2❤❤❤
  • the_fit_cowgirl@sarahebeler @lisaebeler
  • king_pharelThat's what i call "awesomeness"
  • sarahebeler@the_fit_cowgirl this is the truest statement.
  • deathtodesignerSickk
  • andie877❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
  • outcomes_matter@juncus33 I'm sure you think you mean well but what I think you are saying is you would do the right thing for the climate if it was more convenient and that some other entity is to blame for not making it easier to do the right thing? Warm glow altruism doesn't change the end game.
  • juncus33@outcomes_matter Ummmm, almost. Personally we now own 3 bicycles, a hybrid vehicle and may soon purchase solar panels for our home. Our community is working to obtain more energy from nearby wind farms. We hike and camp in nearby wild areas and national forests, requiring limited driving. I'm not "blaming" anyone or anything, just stating huge global inequities that make it very difficult for lower income or very poor populations to even consider reducing their carbon footprint. Did you check out
  • juncus33@e.m.castonguay Yes!! Absolutely agree
  • outcomes_matter@juncus33 I'm intimately familiar with global inequities. Yes I looked at the site. I don't see the nexus, unless of course if it turned out that increasing the wealth of poor countries is going to reduce carbon footprint. I don't see the data for that on the website. It hasn't worked in China. Nor has it worked in the USA. If everyone lived exactly like you would it avert global climate change? Does your answer consider all of the indirect diffuse impacts from emissions for all of the economic infrastructure that enables you to live in a modern economy? The fuel to farm your food? Lights at all your stores? Etc? The atmosphere does not care about how many bikes or hybrids we have. It only cares about total emissions vs (long term) sequestration. Can you send me a link to a plan that shows how we can avert climate change that doesn't rely on getting lucky with a new technology that you think is realistic?
  • outcomes_matter@juncus33 I know there is a lot of #warmglowaltruism that Americans run on. They do what's relatively easy without looks at the numbers and the quantitative assessment of others needs. You can afford hybrids (or even a regular car, which both use a lot of energy) and have the luxury of vacations, that many do not and instead have to focus their daily efforts just to survive. I read your suggestion. Please read the book The Power of Half.
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