Dear Ones: Every year around this time, I post something about my Happiness Jar. This is a practice I have kept up for years: At the end of each day, I take a scrap of paper and I write down the happiest moment of the day…and then I put it in the jar. That's it. It takes 30 seconds. When I'm feeling depressed, I reach my fist into that jar and pull out a handful of happiness from over the years, just to remind myself of the miracle of my own life. And I can always find a happiest moment of the day… Even on horrible days, there is always a moment of grace or kindness or relief or humor or courage or a good cup of coffee or a sympathetic friend...or something that momentarily pierces the gloom. I know that many of you have started this habit over the years, too! Today, on your own Instagram feed, post pictures of your happiness jars, and use this hashtag: #happinessjar. Let's flood the Internet with stubborn gladness today, and set the tone for the rest of the year...
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