• thistlewoodThese curtains.
    I'm giving away a pair in whatever length you choose.
    These smocked burlap curtains are back in stock over on my @paintedfox1 collection.
    We only have a limited amount so get them while you can for 25% off with the code welcome17 at checkout.
    And.....you can enter to win a pair on the blog today. Just click on the link in the profile. ❤️❤️❤️❤️
    #burlap #smocked #curtains #hapoyday

  • juliermdesignThis shot is so 👌🏻
  • kendylchamberlainThey are beautiful but the price is crazy!! 😍😝
  • joann4364I would die! These would complete my dining room!! 😍
  • thistlewood@kendylchamberlain They are on sale right now and with the sale they are pretty close to Pottery Barn pricing. 💕
  • adelightfulglowBeautiful! I would love these in my living room!
  • nannie2fourI've admired your curtains from the first time I saw them!!! Thanks for a chance to win a pair.
  • bornbananasLove these!! I entered your generous giveaway! #burlap
  • bluegrass_steel_magnoliaWhat a beautiful room!💕
  • zogordonSo excited! I've been searching for these beautiful curtains since you first wrote about them. Thank you for the wonderful giveaway, KariAnne! Happy new year to you and your dear family!
  • econaturalsoapThe curtains are so pretty!
  • thistlewood@kendylchamberlain No worries! I should have explained it better! 😀 Pottery Barn has a smocked curtain that retails for $69 for the 84" length (the shortest one we offer) With tax and shipping it comes to $87.98. Our smocked panel is $157 for the 84" length with the discount it comes to $117.75 for a difference of 29.77. We offer free shipping so that's already included! With out longer curtain lengths the price difference is even smaller! Hope this helps a little!
  • bearlynstitchesI personally think your smocked burlap curtains are stunning. They look beautifully made.... and I make draperies professionally. There is no comparison in quality to the Pottery Barn sheer voile smocked curtains on their website- absolutely none. Lol !!! Your giveaway is wonderful and very generous! Happy New Year to you!!! @
  • thistlewood@zogordon Happy New Year to you friend!
  • thistlewood@bearlynstitches You are so sweet! Both curtains are beautiful! 💕
  • kendylchamberlain@thistlewood it does, thank you for being so nice about it.
  • thistlewood@kendylchamberlain Happy New Year! 😀
  • rondabrillThose curtains ARE lovely, but that chaaaaiiiirrrrr.... <swoon> 😍
  • lisamariedesignstnKariAnne, question about color: are these deep gold or more of a pale flax as they appear in close up on the sale site? They are swoon-worthy for sure🌟🌟🌟
  • lisamariedesignstnIn this beautiful shot Of Your dining room they appear a deep gold?
  • mignonnegaviganDefinitely awesome
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