• kifaru_intlThe company truck is almost finished!


  • dougdenisonSee you in Dallas!
  • 1roman89🙌🏼
  • chad.frankSweet!!!
  • hoytdefiant03Looking GREAT
  • deadnkcAmerican company should bought an American truck. Love your stuff.
  • jdistler22@deadnkc x2
  • russeldridgeAwesome truck! It is built in America....Texas
  • dustinwronaHell yeah!
  • kifaru_intlThe Tundra, Toyota's larger pickup model achieves a Kogod Index Score of 78.5, far outclassing Ram, Chevy, and GMC models. The Tundra is not only assembled in the United States, but also has its transmission and engine built here as well.May 24, 2014
  • kifaru_intlhttps://www.edmunds.com/car-reviews/top-10/top-10-most-american-trucks-for-2015.html
  • misslaurenmurrell🙌🏻
  • jcbicklingNice! Good choice! Ironically most American trucks are not made in the US anymore.
  • gruntsbbqSo you're driving to SHOT Show? @kifaru_intl
  • huntfit_08Sick dude.
  • mindful.outdoorsBeing an American means buy whatever truck you want! That thing is awesome!
  • scotteinsmannTundra is more made in America then GMC, Chevy and Dodge. It is tied for the most American made truck with the F150.
  • b_pence7Good taste!!! Love mine.
  • 303designcoSo glad you guys are happy with the finished product! Thanks for the opportunity for being your graphics provider on this project. I had fun with this one. Easily one of my favorites. @kifaru_intl
  • aztrophyoutfittersNice👍👍
  • johnnyrivetSeen the truck in Lakewood a couple days ago! Nice!!
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