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    Hi, I'm Jacob. I'm a graphic designer by trade and I live in the suburbs of London. I rediscovered photography about six years ago when I decided to break out my old OM10 film camera. I wanted to re-learn photography using a manual camera and start shooting film again. While I use digital photography professionally, for my personal creative work I use film almost exclusively. I prefer the look of it and the way it slows down the entire approach to shooting.

    Most of my work centres on the outskirts or inbetween places of London. My prime concern is to pick subjects which evoke something to me about the location. For me, this tends to be ordinary or overlooked things that are nonetheless essential parts of building an impression of a place. I think some of my friends see my pictures as being willfully ugly, but I find a lot of beauty in the discarded and everyday, and in locales which are not generally visited by people on foot.

    A recent trip to the west coast of Ireland was a bit of a departure from my usual subject matter. Although I shot a lot of colour film, it was no surprise that the rugged and desolate landscapes worked better in black and white. With all the ruined churches and farmhouses it would be easy to get the impression that the region was given over to the past, but there was plenty of evidence of life in the towns I visited, which I tried to capture with my colour work.

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