• megannielsenpatternsWho's kicking off the new year with some sewing?! I've got some Sudley's planned for myself // Now that summer is well and truly here in Perth, i'm in desperate need for more floaty dresses and crops 👌 //What are you babes up to? #MNsudley

  • megannielsenpatterns

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  • bloglessannaI traced three patterns today. Your reef shorts are next in the tracing queue!
  • megannielsenpatterns@bloglessanna wow you're a rockstar! Tracing is one of my least favorite jobs! Can't wait to see how your shorts turn out! 😘
  • sewlittlesparrowHoping in squeeze in a Brumby skirt and a Eucalypt dress ready for my trip to Perth at the end of the month 😃 although time may be against me as it's back to work tomorrow 😫. Hopefully the Perth sun will be in full force for when I arrive as need to escape the UK winter 😎
  • rqnillaLove that dress! Hope to sew something like that for my daughters this spring.
  • jlg320I love this!
  • icansewdoitThis dress and blouse is so on my sewing-list this year! But here it's winter and cold so I'll wait a few months before I get started✂👗😊
  • teahouse_studioThis looks perfect for summer. I'm making a royal blue Dove blouse because here we're in the midst of cold temperatures and a luxurious blouse will add some panache to the season.
  • trinehershoejWould have loved to have one of your #karidress on for our soon to come holiday- bought some really nice silk in Cambodia last year - but haven't got the time 😐
  • lauracallinghamI'm so slow at sewing so I'm planning some warmer things for Autumn!! I figure if I start now they might be finished in time 😂
  • laceandpineThe Sudley is the perfect hot weather dress! I may need to make another before the hot humid weather comes this summer. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with!
  • brave_fabricsHave a sleeveless and collarless Sudley in cotton/silk ready to gather and hem...think you gave me the inspiration to finish it! Thanks 😘
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