The beautiful view from my bed because GUESS WHO GOT SICK ON NYE? ✋✋✋ Immunity-boosting tips welcome (besides eat meat 😜)
  • loepsiesThe beautiful view from my bed because GUESS WHO GOT SICK ON NYE? ✋✋✋ Immunity-boosting tips welcome (besides eat meat 😜)

  • veronika_cz_To je mi líto, já se v tom plácám už měsíc, pořád dokola. Ale jedno plus to má, máš spoustu času koukat po bytech ;-)
  • paulii.mnkAn orange a day... And maybe iron supplements.
  • lamaspuckeHave a blood test made to see whether you're lacking any vitamins or minerals. If you are missing anything, you can take supplements and know why you're ill this often. If not, at least you'll have proof that your diet is healthy and balanced, haha.
  • findariiaOh, to mě mrzí, že nemocná :( Ale víš co to znamená- tea time a LoTR ? :)) :D
  • loepsies@findariia Jasně! 😃
  • elza.georgeYou fall sick way too often! 🤕 GWS dear Lucy!
  • brinanightmareWelcome to the club... stayed home from work today now i'm stuck on the couch cuddled myself in two blankets and drinking tea with honey
  • cailin_oileainEucalyptus and peppermint oil is really good for colds and flues. I get really sick a lot, so I have started taking an immune boosting vitamin and silver shield. I hope that helps🤕
  • perioddramasI like the "On Guard" essential oil by Doterra, it works wonders! A less pleasant thing I do is eat 1-2 cloves of raw garlic and then drink green tea. I'm not going to pretend raw garlic is delicious, but it's effective for colds (at least for me). Just make sure you do it when you won't be talking to anyone soon!😂 Also, since you're eating mainly vegan (I'm a vegan too!) make sure you have enough iron! From your "what I eat in a day" video (Which I love btw) you seem to be eating lots of vitamins like b, a and c but maybe try adding some blackstrap molasses in your oatmeal or on a peanut butter sandwich for added iron!:) I love oats with blackstrap molasses and cinnamon, topped with frozen berries and peanut butter! 😍 Hope this helped!
  • pixel_lindiTraveling will do that
  • moonemmyVitamin C for immunity. And Spiruline for a boost and it is Also Rich in iron and proteins. Very good for us veggies! Take care!
  • neko_fukuroTake vitamin D. Even if you go outside, it's not enough here in northern Europe. And take vitamin B12, since you are vegetarian/vegan.
  • neko_fukuroOh and check your iron levels : )
  • purpleoceans13I make a smoothie for breakfast that has one green apple, I banana, some green leafs (like spinach and baby kale) one teaspoon of peanut butter, and a tea spoon or two of vegan protein powder. It helps a lot with immunity.
  • c.r_barker9Pure Oil of Oregano helps me. I put a few drops in my water in the morning and I feel great! When I do get sick, I put 3-4 drops under my tongue (as I find it works faster) & let it sit as long as I can handle it (it does taste pretty awful when you do it that way though) Other then that, maybe have your iron and vitamin D levels checked? That could be a reason. Get well soon Lucy!
  • t3r3sa43Lucy, when you start getting sick drink some moringa tea. It is the very best!
  • luzgatitoHere we do this anti flu smoothie with orange juice, pineapple, guava, lime and honey. It's a great boost of vitamin C. Also carrot juice with lemon and a pinch of salt for vitamin A and vitamin D supplements. But maybe you should get some blood tests done to check there isn't a mineral deficiency. Get well soon!! Hugs
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