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  • cernHappy New Year from CERN!
    Together, the thousands of physicists, engineers and technicians from all over the world made 2016 a year of record-breaking achievements across CERN's diverse scientific programme.
    In 2017, the adventure continues! The LHC has more to offer, as the proton collisions produced this year only represent 1% of the target for the LHC full operational lifetime.
    Many exciting scientific and technological accomplishments lie ahead, and we look forward to another year of brilliant performance across the varied work of the Laboratory.
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  • mustafa_elliott!Happy new year !CERN !! And many more! God speed!!*¥√€¶°^¥π
  • physics_and_anonymousYaaay!
  • cubemaster_314Looking forward to a new year filled with greater achievements. Can't wait until I'm able to contribute to those achievements.
  • garachorochiHELLoooooo that was very cool d Highest technology🆙⚛🌐🎮
  • arash94dadgarii73Happy new year cern.i hope in this year heard lot of good news from you.
  • alanzucoNice
  • izanamic2Keep up the great work
  • rmmilr61@abbigailmillerr
  • mrgrey76I'm waiting. @cern
  • sviridescenceHappy new year!!
  • mariestanisicHappy New Year CERN
  • emdehnThis is so exciting!! I and hoping to visit soon, when do you open up again? Woo!
  • taimur_khan1358Extraordinary
  • binary_wolfje vous aime putain
  • preciouslyparis👍
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