• behindhedgerowRevisiting some of our favourite spots in Brussels.

  • floatingworldHello there!
  • compagniemmmOh great! Nina and I will be visiting Brussels too one of the next days... we could meet up?
  • silviasewingprincessYou make me dream of their gateau au chocolat (or whatever it was called;)
  • behindhedgerow@compagniemmm Aw, what a shame. We were only there for 24 hours - back in Kent now. Xx
  • homesewnstuffYou've been gone a long time!
  • lisacraftyOMGosh Laura, I've missed you! You look beautiful and happy! Are you still sewing?💗
  • behindhedgerow@lisacrafty hi Lisa. I know, life has taken me in many different directions. Hope to get back to swing this year. Hope all is well with you. Xx
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