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  • themonalitaDid you watch my new skincare tutorial on my #YouTube channel? The holiday food took my skin through a few ups & downs but I know that my favorite skincare products will clear up any breakouts or scars in no time flat! I have partnered with @banishacnescars for the giveaway of the Banish Starter Kit. It's worth over $200! So do you want to win this unbelievable skincare set? Check out how you may be able to get your hands on the kit: 👇🏽 Contest Rules 👇🏽 * Comment under my tutorial on YouTube using #NewYearNewSkin (click the link in my bio to watch it NOW)
    * Follow me @themonalita & @banishacnescars
    * Comment below with your #NewYearNewSkin plan for 2017

    The winner will be announced on January 15th! ✨Good luck ✨ This contest is open to international contestants too 😉
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  • stephanijMy plan is to HYDRATE and invest in quality skincare products. After 3 1/2 years of either being pregnant, nursing or both my skin has taken quite the beating with hormone changes, failing to drink enough water and not sticking to a skincare routine. Would love to try Banish! #newyearnewskin
  • afikaindahI've been battling with acne ever since I was still in high school but then things got worst in my first year of college, its been 3 years and I've done my best trying to cure my acne and the acne scars, the struggle of having such an acne makes me really-really scared of coming out of home so I never really enjoy my life but in 2017, I promised myself to be a better person, I'll follow any diet routine to prevent acne, I'll also increase my water intake and just be happy, I've been sad and stressed out for years but #newyearnewskin is surely the new me. I really want to try Banish so much, hopefully it'll be effective to me and will complete the 'new me' plans🙏
  • blackenedvenom2017 is going to be a year of personal growth and self-improvement for me because 2016 & My #NewYearNewSkin plan is to eat healthy and take better care of myself, inside and out. I suffer from painful hormonal cystic acne and hyperpigmentation. I have been wanting to try the Banish Acne Scars products since I heard about them about a year and half ago
  • dilofosaurusMy #NewYearNewSkin is to feel confident in my own skin. My acne may be gone for 95%, but I still don't have perfect, clear skin. I've been dealing with acne for so long now, I just want to feel happy about my own skin. I no longer want to feel insecure about my face. I'm already trying to eat healthier and drinking more water. While that's a good thing for my body, but it doesn't help me get rid of my acne scars. Banish Kit will help me sooooo much in reaching this goal in 2017 ❤
  • frogpatch01My #NewYearNewSkin plan for 2017 is to move towards loving my self while begining a journey to heal my skin.
  • breyabirdsong#NewYearNewSkin I'm so proud of myself! I started this year off with the goal of keeping my face clean clear and hydrated. My goals are gym more, drink more (water) and do more for my health as a whole. I believe in total care! Your body responds depending on how you treat it, so I've been treating it like a delicate flower. I try to stay away from stress and sweets so that goal will still be in effect for 2017!! I hope I can win this so I can improve my dark spots and acne scars!!
  • allison_caughillI used to have super amazing skin but then about a year ago I got bad cystic acne. I have been on multiple different medications for it and have totally improved my eating habits so in that sense it was almost a good thing! After all of that my acne is improving some but nothing I have done has helped with the scarring I have now. I used to be so confident but having such a bumpy uneven face has been really hard. This year I'm trying to make sure I continue to wash my face twice a day and I'm going to try and totally cut out pop and juices and just drink more water!! #NewYearNewSkin
  • memoirsofkrys#NewYearNewSkin for me means just that. My breakouts aren't consistent but when I have bad days they are the worst and really does a number on my confidence. Creating a consistent routine including exfoliating, moisturizing and drinking more water has helped though. I've also started cutting out processed foods and foods with high sugar or fat contents. It's also so hard not to bother the pimples so they won't scar. I want a permanent fix and I'm willing to do the work and wait for the results . Nothing is overnight thanks for sharing your journey it's not easy !
  • sami_yuanMy #NewYearNewSkin plan for 2017 is to take care of myself more. In the past years, I realized that I would eat whenever I wanted to and not worry about my diet as well. I’d have a meal at irregular times and usually skipped breakfast and lunch and just ate one meal a day. Also, I would barely drink one bottle of water a day, when we are supposed to drink 8 cups, which was unhealthy. Additionally, to my unhealthy diet, I would sleep late at night and only get 2 or 3 hours of sleep which can also cause more breakouts in my skin. I’ve had acne for quite a few years and it had taken a toll on my confidence, making me feel very very very insecure. I am not able to look at people in the eyes or have conversations face to face in fear that they’d judge me and my acne. At first, it was only a few bumps on my forehead, but as time progressed and I moved on to 8th grade, more pimples and even zits had begun to form on my entire face. By 9th grade, I had several cystic pimples that would hurt even if I had barely touched it and the occasional pimples and zits as well. If I had picked on them or not, they would leave a huge scar on my face and stay there for months and would not disappear. What I plan to doing differently this year is to eat 3 healthy meals and drink more water a day, get at least 7-8 hours of sleep a night and exercise everyday. I will not eat as much or any processed foods, or foods with fat/high sugar. I will wash my face as often as needed to to clean off all the dirt and keep myself hydrated and healthy. I have tried almost everything to help improve my skin and some products had worked for a few weeks, but then my acne would come back and be worse than before. I want to gain back my confidence and not be as insecure as I am now. I’d like to be able to look at my reflection in the mirror and not think of what I am doing wrong and I’d like to start loving who I am. I believe that the first step in building up my confidence is to have clear skin. It would be amazing if I could have the opportunity to try out @banishacnescars products because I’ve heard nothing but wonderful and astonishing feedbacks from every customer who has bought it. (pt1)
  • sami_yuanI have been looking at these products for months, however, the price is a bit too high for me so I am not able to purchase it. I will be very thankful and grateful if I win and thank you so much for hosting this giveaway. (pt2)
  • heather.dobson#newyearnewskin I want to learn to Cook and eat heather. I really need to drink more water and learn to drink thea. I am going to go swimming 2 times a week. Which is my biggest goal. I haven't done a sport in at least 4 years! ! I have lots of acne and I can't find a New good skin routine.
  • katelyn.truong#newyearnewskin I plan to use these products to finally rid my face of acne. Ever since grade school I was the first one to get acne and puberty hit me bad. Overtime the acne moved all over my face! From my forehead to the sides and then to my cheeks. Right now I'm on accutane which helps significantly and I've changed my diet, and I'm doing workouts to boost my self esteem. The final step in this life changing transformation is my acne scars! I still feel insecure as people talk to me because they look at the deep scaring and redness and not on me. I wish these products are in my favour to win, so I can finally win this 6 year uphill battle in time for Freshman year at college/university. I want to have a fresh face and to put the past behind me with @banishacnescars
  • laurencxoxI've tried everything been looking into this forever, I have my wedding coming up in the summer and would love my teenage looking skin to go away, please help me have hat gorgeous wedding day glow #newyearnewskin @banishacnescars
  • twice336#newyearnewskin drink more water eat healthier
  • kpoopie1714#newyearnewskin drink more water , exercise more and eat more healthy
  • thrice123#newyearnewskin eat healthier, exercise more, drink more water
  • _georgiawilsonn_#newyearnewskin I plan to drink water and apple cider vinegar daily, make masks a weekly ritual and clean my makeup brushes after every 2-3 uses! I've tried everything and my skin it is no better - i think it's a blessing I stumbled across this page
  • jeni_nipper#newyearnewskin I want to be comfortable in my skin. I have suffered with acne since I was 10 years old and I am 20 now. I have went through the horrific process of accutane and my skin cleared up for a while and now it's back and I have horrible scarring. I'm embarrassed to leave the house without makeup. I don't want to feel that way anymore. I believe in this product and what everyone says about it. I really would love to win. I have been eating healthy and working out 6 days a week and I think this product would complete my plans for new skin.
  • marjana456#NewYearNewSkin
    Be more positive about myself and my skin and know that the way my skin looks doesn't define who I am. 2017 will be the year I boost my self confidence and Banish negativity!
  • poetic_haze#NewYearNewMe - after spending Christmas and new year in hospital, drops antibiotics and much more - skin reacted real bad..
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