New year calls for resolutions! 
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  • elanic.inNew year calls for resolutions!
    Tell us a thing you would like to start this year with
    Only rule? Go cray!

  • miss_carol99Tried reaching you guys through email. Made (literally) numerous calls n every single time i had to repeat the problem i am facing with my order. It's almost a month now and I still haven't received credit in my account. RIDICULOUS. FRAUDSTERS.
  • tamanna_suchdevI so agree with u @miss_carol99 they are big time order always gets picked they convivently take their own time sometimes a mnth n then till then the buyer doesn't want and best is they promise to call u back with a solution n happily forget LIARS shame on you
  • miss_carol99@tamanna_suchdev omg they did the same thing with me. This female told me she will call me back. I wonder if she's dead now. Bloody fraudsters. We should blast these people on social media. Fraud company.
  • tamanna_suchdevAnd twice they damaged my product before it reached the buyer and once I made literally 10 calls so many mails msgs on instagram and still they dint deliver the product over a mnth n half finally they paid me credits and yet never apologised their managers are also liars they over promise and under deliver @miss_carol99
  • miss_carol99@tamanna_suchdev I'm on the same path now. Making useless calls and writing emails
  • thanks for raising the concern, can you please direct message the product ids
  • please tell us your user name name on elanic and order id and we will resolve the issue
  • user id @carolyadav91 n order id is 403657
  • DM Ed the order numbers. Any update ?
  • itstina_jacobFacing the same issue!!
  • miss_carol99Sent you my order number and user id four days ago. Where's my credit? Have u guys lost your mind?
  • suranjana129@itstina_jacob hey did you receive any reply from them yet.
  • suranjana129@tamanna_suchdev Hey did you receive any reply from them. They lost a product and broke one.
  • tamanna_suchdevYa I did I got a refund @suranjana129
  • suranjana129@tamanna_suchdev okay great .. I am yet to hear from them, which I don't think I will. This is the weirdest company I came across in internet. Fraudsters at least hide away after all the mess. They are continuing with business.
  • tamanna_suchdevMail them that's wut I did but my product also was misplaced during diwali n I got a refund a week back @suranjana129
  • itstina_jacob@suranjana129 I did receive a mail but my products continue to lie with them.
  • suranjana129@itstina_jacob disappointing
  • gupta_renukaThis year.... No more KTS 😂😂😂
  • whatever_blushYou guys are frauds please if anybody is reading this dont install their app. They have cheated me and many people. Ridiculous
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