• houseofharperWe had an amazing weekend ringing in the new year at #HarperRanch with the fam! We are back home with kids in their own beds at their actual bedtime and it feels good to know tomorrow we will be back to our 'routines' ready to tackle 2017! In the month of December we visited 5 different cities / packed and unpacked all month long. I wouldn't trade one single memory for the crazy, but I'm excited to be home all month! What are you most looking forward to in 2017?! #family #boymom #ranchlife #texashillcountry #nomakeup #pjsallday

  • jenniferlakeHappy 2017, lady! 🎉🎉
  • sarahharpermackayRosie the Ranch Dog!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ So sad we missed all the fun!! Love you!!
  • houseofharper@sarahharpermackay Rosie was a total ranch dog. She needs to visit a groomer asap!
  • rclaytonAdorable!! Happy New Year guys!! 🎉
  • sarahharpermackay@houseofharper ha! I bathed Penny a couple of days ago... I'll be paying for someone else to do that in the future. I ended up wet, smelling like a dog! 🐶 hah. Did you buy the PetSmart puppy coupon book? They have a free bath in there!
  • darlinginthecityOooo yes! 💥💥
  • deardrea5Happy new year!! god bless your family always! 😇
  • annievonlankenWhat breeder is Rosie from?
  • houseofharper@sarahharpermackay I did! I bathed her last night but she still has ranch stickers! Time for a groomer!
  • sarahharpermackay@houseofharper lol. I need a vacation--- after this "vacation." Marcus and Penny at home do not make for a productive work environment. 🙈
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