• bradleymartynPLEASE READ➡️: Remember guys the most important thing about moving into a new year...or any new day for that matter is that it is a chance to get better as a person. A chance to change something you don't like. A chance to be who you've always wanted to or thought u could be. Don't wait every year until a new year to decided this is the year for a new me. That opportunity happens everyday...every moment. You make a decision to either live in happiness or to let whatever negative or hardships in your life control the next "few steps". Take a moment today to be thankful for it ALL....the good the bad and the ugly. Understand that you have the power to make the best out of any situation that will come in your life.

    No one said this would be easy...and damnit it is not...but I promise you it will be worth it. Ive gone through some low times in my life and continue even today to be challenged. Losing a father at 6 years old to suicide is something that stays for a while on your mind. What I've learned about life over the last few years and a lot of what you guys have taught me and continue to teach me is that no matter where u come from and what you've dealt with...things CAN GET BETTER. Things WILL GET BETTER. So again take this day...(and everyday is year) to be a better version of yourself. Grow from your mistakes in 2016 and step forward into 2017 like a fucking champ. I love you guys. #letsgetbettertogether

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  • mikefithealthKeep your head up bro @bradley_martyn fuck what the people say. We all make mistakes shit happens. What matters is that you learn from them. Keep doing you and remember you still got a shit load of fans out here 💪🏽.
  • blmarcelloWhining ass bitch
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