• philipbloomTime with the canon 5D4 almost up. Amazing stills camera, hugely disappointing video mode. The 4K crop is way too much and the HD is not brilliant...the joy of the 5D and why we put up with the eccentricities was the beautiful full frame, without it there is not much point sadly, there is much better out there for less money. Basically mirrors my thoughts from my blog post from august last year www.philipbloom.net/blog/canon5div/

    There is absolutely still a market for a stills camera for video...size, price and FULL FRAME video. I love shooting with them.
    A real shame. At least my meme account is looking at it more positively... @unmotivateme

  • keitharkins@philipbloom thanks Philip. Might rent one first. Maybe a Pentax instead 🤔
  • philipbloom@keitharkins for just stills the 645z is the best stills camera I have ever used. The 51mp resolution is useful with it. 5DSR is a bit too high for that sized sensor. Try them both!
  • alexreig@philipbloom I know how to grade, don't worry, I just don't want to spent ages on it. Time is money 😉 I agree with you about the crop factor issue, by the way, but I still love my Canon 5D IV so much. And I say again The COLOUR quality is really impressive compared to Sony's one, grading or not.
  • philipbloom@alexreig get @filmconvert use the profiles and grading is a non issue
  • alexreig@philipbloom thanks for your recommendation but I knew already that @filmconvert is a great tool. Canon 5D IV is for people like me that we do more professional photography than video but still a great camera for that purpose too, in my opinion, always, of course.
  • philipbloom@alexreig but how do you get past the huge problem of shooting stills then wanting to shoot video of same thing (or vice versa) and optics are wrong because of crop?
  • alexreig@philipbloom in 4K using widest angle possible ones or EF-S lenses (best optic quality ones I can get).
  • philipbloom@alexreig that's not my point. U can't just switch from video to stills without huge optic variations.
  • alexreigWell yes, you just have to plan a bit more what you gonna do before shooting...that's life sometimes 😉
  • philipbloom@alexreig or just use a Sony...or a 1dx2
  • alexreig@philipbloom As Canon user I am 1DX2 please 😉😄
  • onyedikachukwu_ibedu@philipbloom. Word of the day, "Learn to Grade. Thanks
  • jkpphotoAgreed @philipbloom
  • antonomia_studio@philipbloom Really happy with the video quality from my 1DX2. Glad I finally chose it over the 5DIV, even though I do a lot of stills. Now searching for great B-camera, maybe Sony 6500
  • dineshponugupati@alexreig if ur looking after good vedio in similar price point of 5d 4 then I think the c100 mark ii is reasonable if u don't mind 1080p but it offers a good codec and especially c-log ..This combo is really nice and by the price u put for a 5d 4 u can completely configure c100 ..Also if u r a person who wants to shoot raw then the black magic Ursa mini 4.6 k is not a bad choice ..It does 4.6 k RAW upto 30 fps I think and apart from raw it shoots Pro-res which itself is a good stepup from the compressed codecs Ull find on most DSLR or mirrorless stuff in similar price point ...And taking about 5d 4 it's a definite improvement from 5d 3 in the stillls department which is expected because that's what it is supposed to do ..It's a professional "stills " camera not a professional "vedio " camera the only reason y the company even bothered to offer 4k is just to b competitive in the market ..So if u r a serious vedio shooter then getting one of the above would make more sense than 5d 4...If u r a casual vedio shooter and a serious photographer then 5d 4 is good ..Apart from all of the codec's and resolution and technical stuff I think the most important thing that makes a difference is what u choose to do with the technology u have .. and arguing with a guy who's experience is more than my age @philipbloom is just because already bought something is kinda ridiculous..
  • maseemo@philipbloom what's your favorite camera for video autofocus in this price range?
  • alexreig@dineshponugupati please, give me a favour and before putting your nose in things that are not your business and opening your mouth, check out your spelling first: it is "video" not "vedio" as you repeated several times... that is the only "kind of ridiculous" thing here 😉 thanks!
  • dineshponugupati@alexreig as long as u get my message I think I'm fine ..And looks like I am good here... :-)
  • myronkimHow does it compare to the full HD in an A7Sii in your opinion?
  • grimberge
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