• fitnessistaStarted off New Years on a pretty hilarious note: taking pictures in Sabino Canyon in the pouring rain and gusty wind with @nottlocal . 🌧🌡I needed extra pics for a sponsored post, and he offered to help me out. We ended up with a broken umbrella, completely drenched, wading through a small river to get back to the car, and laughing until I was crying. High five to the lady in the poncho who cheered for us like we had trekked the whole canyon. πŸ˜‚ I'm pretty sad that we're not staying in Tucson forever, but we're having a lot of fun the meantime. 😌

  • glitzandblitzSame. We had such a good time in AZ, but back to D.C for adventures and fun!
  • leann_runsI love Sabino Canyon and the people in it! I ran to the end of the tram road a while back and wanted to run an even 8 miles. When I got back to the visitors center, I turned back around to run part of the way into the canyon and then back to end right at 8 miles. This older gentleman yelled after me, "You're crazy! Have fun running it again!" He was really surprised when I was back at the start less than 5 minutes later. I really miss Sabino Canyon now that I've moved!
  • fitnessista@leann_runs I've done something similar for a 10-miler before! It was horrible to start again but felt so good after. Love running there πŸ’œπŸ’œ so awesome to be back!!
  • fitnessista@glitzandblitz love that 😘
  • thebikiniexperimentOh no! The best laid plans...
  • nutritiontofitMan that is some dedication! And sounds so fun in the most epically disastrous way possible haha
  • allisonsillustratedlifeπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  • milleraj9Love Tucson, love Sabino! Cool pic.
  • nikki_stickyHi Gina, I work at DM and ran into your hubby who flew with my hubby "Tucker" in GA. I hadn't seen your pilot since the last GA stint, so it was great to see him. I told him I follow your blog and though I haven't met you, I feel like I have haha. Anyway, he said I should write and say hi! I told him we should get together while you guys are here...we live near Tucson Mall and many great food places! Happy New Year!
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