• alystinaWe spent our New Year's Eve in the ER, after Remy fell on his head on a rock. We are really tired in this picture, but this is after they put 7 staples in his head! He was so brave through the whole thing! Remy is the strongest little 🦁. He was sitting there for 5 hours, but he took it all very seriously and even made the doctor and nurses feel better about treating him. People show you who they really are in hard situations, and my boy continues to show me how good he is. I hope everyone brought in 2017 with the people they love. This is the first time my husband, and kids were altogether on the New Year, and that is everything to me.💜🔮

  • mrnkirbeeyOh no!!!!
  • littleriverflowartSo much love to you and your family Alyssa ❤️
  • zodiactownaw no :( I hope everything turns out okay! happy new year btw!
  • emilianat_❤❤❤❤ He's super cute!
  • calicohouseHe is very brave!
  • acrawf12Hope he's okay! :( <3
  • mousetvHe looks like his dad :-)
  • photobugger17glad he's ok; leos are fierce...
  • ali.rockYou very nice beautiful friend
  • neris__Sending love bubbles 💗💗💗 ...
  • stevel327Hope he is doing good. Happy New year
  • cardwellbryanOh my wow; glad you all came out've that & went through it so well
  • sarah_fletcher99Awwww! Poor little fella!
  • geneviefloresO no 🙈
  • ceandroid1000Remy looks just like you @alystina
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