• vagabrothersA New Year presents us all with a new chance to face our fears, overcome challenges and improve ourselves. ----------------------------------------------------
    2016 was a year of growth and personal achievement for us but was surrounded by many tough and unsettling international events. ----------------------------------------------------
    The uncertainty of the world at this time has only solidified our resolve to continue exploring and promoting cross cultural understanding, creating films that highlight the beauty and diversity of our planet and inspire a sense of stewardship and responsibility in each viewer.
    We're giving it our all in 2017. More videos and photos, better quality, new stories and destinations, all for you. ---------------------------------------------------
    That's our promise to you.
    Stay curious and keep exploring! ⛰🏝🕌🌄🌇🗺🗿 #HappyNewYear

  • girlswithgypsysouls👌
  • taylorleo_17❤🙏🏻 stellar goal!
  • ievanita.stYou guys inspire me to explore this year more
  • jennrrogelYour videos are so inspiring. Thank you for all of your hard work 💜
  • hastaalaskaExcited to see where the road takes you.
  • islandgurl_pr💕🌏🌎🌍 Love this!!! I can't wait to see what you guys do next !
  • nationsandvoicesHuge fan. Love the videos. Thanks for the recent retweet.
  • nunjuhHappy new year !🎉 May 2017 be the best year yet!!!
  • ann.blackandbeautiful words and beautiful shot 👏👏👏👏 Happy New Year!!
  • shootipWoop woop! So looking forward to it 😊🙌🏻 Happy 2017 & safe travels, @vagabrothers ✈️🌎
  • grace_m___❤🙏🏻
  • lizerlouYou guys are amazing! HNY 🙌🏽💜 @
  • lifemeetstephCan't wait to see the adventures you guys will bring!
  • blue_hazeJust discovered you 2 on YouTube and binged on your Mexico episodes ❤️ it
  • melissa_brandleCan't wait for all your 2017 projects! Your videos always inspire me to not only travel, but to also explore what's right here in my own city. Thanks for the dedication to your art!
  • p.u.u.r.e.s.hCome to Portugal :).
  • flyereverywhereThis is cool
  • touramigo👍
  • joel.beachwoodThis is awesome :)
  • duhkneeseyeJust listened to a podcast - La Ruta Slow based in Vitoria and heard them mention the Vaga Brothers. Congrats!
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