• icecastles_Happy New Year from the Ice Castle family! 📸: Ashlynne Ellis


  • laneydefaI bought a groupon that doesnt expire until January 2017 but your website wont let me use it. What can I do??
  • icecastles_@tom.shea23 Typically people spend about an hour at the Ice Castle!
  • icecastles_@theveething We do not, this was just special for the holiday!
  • icecastles_@laneydefa Hi! Can you email a copy of your Groupon to info@icecastles.com so we can create a new code for you?
  • laneydefaYes @icecastles_ i will send a screen shot of it now. Thank you
  • emilylvni just tried purchasing tickets on your website and a red bar at the top pops up "Credit Card Processor Error: Received no data from Authorize.Net" when i try to complete the transaction. what should i do?
  • costavidachickAre you open now?
  • jonesjakAbout how long do people spend in the ice castles? We would like to see the fire thrower. Does that need to be done before we go into the castes? I am trying to avoid having to walk back through the castles so just wondering the best time to come with kids that would also allow us to see the fire thrower.
  • chelsea_galinos@icecastles_ the time I want for Loon Mountain on Monday is sold out online ☹️ can we still buy tickets at the door even if they're sold out online?
  • rdavisj@costavidachick do you mean today? And which location? There are multiple possible answers.
  • icecastles_@emilylvn Usually it will show that error message when the billing address on the card doesn't match what you are entering. If that isn't the issue, please email us at info@icecastles.com and we can further assist you!
  • icecastles_@jonesjak Hi there, which location are you wanting to visit? Our fire performer schedule is available on our website, www.icecastles.com.
  • icecastles_@chelsea_galinos We have a limited number of standby tickets available, however we cannot guarantee entrance with standby tickets.
  • jonesjakWe want to come to the Utah location. Is the fire thrower something we need to plan to see at the beginning, or the end of our visit? Or can it be done anytime during our visit? How long do people usually stay in the castles?
  • icecastles_@jonesjak The fire performers are there for a few hours. If you schedule your time slot for when the fire performers are there you can see them at any point during your visit. Typically people spend about an hour or so at the castle.
  • hobsonvillecoHi do u offer coupon codes?
  • rayshaww@im_nikki
  • rkdesignsbecky@_reach_high_ woah have you seen these before?!
  • _reach_high_No I haven't...how pretty! @rkdesignsbecky
  • lalamattoxWhen is your next vacation?! @katiecorlettphotography
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