• stephsfisherDoes anyone else pick a single word as their resolution for the year? In 2015, mine was "move," which we DEFINITELY did. 2016's was "participate," which I feel pretty good about. For 2017, I'm shooting for "balance." I want to take all the things I loved about my life in Atlanta (a beautiful home, wonderful friends, regular exercise, healthy cooking) and attempt to combine them with the most amazing parts of our NYC life (the best job ever, the best city ever, family). It won't be easy and it may not be totally possible, but all I can do is try, right? What's your word for the new year?

  • _el_verde_Wait you gave up that gorgeous porch??
  • stephsfisher@_el_verde_ YES. 😫 Right after @bradfisher22 built that amazing pergola on it, too.
  • _el_verde_Oh man, that would be super hard to leave, like even to go to work. Ha.
  • stephsfisher@_el_verde_ Tell me about it.
  • asherpaulI was thinking the same thing about the porch -- how did you leave that gorgeous porch and the MAGNOLIA?!? Also, that may need to be my 2017 word too. So necessary. ❤️🎉🙏💤🍾
  • stephsfisher@asherpaul That's just the deck! We ALSO had a front porch. With Adirondack chairs. 😭
  • mgraceshoreIt was a gorgeous house and a beautiful yard in a fabulous neighborhood. However, it wasn't the northeast where they wanted to be. Rob and I and my family sure are glad they're home!
  • sophiedowGo team Atlanta, that porch! Oh wait.. ok, good idea. Zipcar changed my New York.... alway on a mission to get into nature. Even Central Park/prospect park counts. Good luck, great mission!
  • mgraceshoreAnd, I'd say my word for 2917 is Calm.
  • katie.fickI like yours and your mom's, but I mine should be "reconnect." With friends, yoga, volunteering, my bicycle, and something else that's legal now but I shouldn't put it here 😇. Miss you steph!! Happy new year!
  • stephsfisher@sophiedow You're so right - I've been to Prospect Park twice and Central Park zero times since I moved here. Not enough!
  • stephsfisher@mgraceshore That's a good one!
  • stephsfisher@katie.fick I want to reconnect with you! Miss youuuuuu!
  • modernresale_laThere is inspiration everywhere
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