• _jake_garnerDidn't know if anyone knew this but I'm a vegan
  • jasonallenhaddockSteak is so good though. I know it comes from a cow but I don't care. I still love it. Put a cow head on the table and I'll still eat it
  • _yourmumschesthairVegans.
  • pyrokinetic_ariesDon't change how delicious that Steak Quesarito is, bruh!
  • vegan_guyaneseLong pigs taste the same if you season it the same.
  • liliandaguilar#GoVegan!! 💕
  • whitefirewomanHey did you know there are studies that tell us that plants are aware when they are about to be eaten. For example, if you put a rabbit in the space with some plants they will emit certain chemicals to try and defend themselves. Makes me wonder... Do carrots scream?
  • sawsancmSo sad!
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