Happy New Year!
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  • itsbrendonHello, I recently visited your restaurant and was beyond frustrated and disappointed. We chose to dine at your establishment based on high reviews on Yelp, but find it hard to believe these reviews to be accurate. After the hour long wait, we were seated and waited 15 minutes for a waiter to stop by our table and ask for waters. We then waited 30 minutes to receive our food in which our meat was missing to even our own waiters surprise. Our wait was so long that we had to take the broth off of heat so we didn't lose too much and when we requested more food, our waiter said that he couldn't offer it to us because it was already put away. Other waiters began cleaning our table before we were even close to being finished. While my party and at least four other parties were still eating, they began to dim the lights. We were left with the check and then within a few minutes another waiter came to our table and asked for us to pay promptly because the cash register was being closed down. Regrettably we did not ask to speak to management because we were already so disappointed and upset with our experience and the lack of customer service, that we just wanted to pay and leave. With the severe lack of customer service and blatant disregard for your customers, I find it hard to believe that the reviews online are from actual customers.
  • agihariyadiboss @yeniwijayanti05
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