• thehappilyevaHappy New Year, from our family to yours! β€βœ¨πŸ™πŸΌ Couldn't be more grateful for my little tribe. I spent the day today writing a very personal letter that will be published on in the morning. So many thanks to the #HappilyEvaAfter readership for giving me wings this year and for creating such a beautiful community. I appreciate you so much and I look forward to all we will experience together in 2017! #HappyNewYear #2017 #NewBeginnings #Love #Peace (πŸ“·: @stephanieelliottphoto)
  • karinaoldsoul25Happy new year Eva,thank you for sharing your stories and your gorgeous family with us,i love your posts :)
  • emilylarooYour brutal honestly absolutely WILL help other mothers recognize their own needs. Thanks for your courage and willingness to share.
  • kboes049Beautiful piece on the blog today. Your willingness to be so honest with total strangers is an inspiration. Take the time you need to heal and be with your family. We'll be here when you come back.
  • lovejaneofficialBeautiful picture. Happy New Year! πŸŽ‰
  • sharon_tal1So sweetπŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡
  • flelliefloralParenting isn't easy that's for sure! Every age has its challenges so don't be so hard on yourself. Enjoy your break
  • krissabaschstyle@thehappilyeva I just read your story and it brought tears. So happy that it turned out well. Be brave and live in love. sending you love and peace for 2017
  • betsyzuidervlietBeing a mother is the most intense job on the planet. You and your babes will be just fine. Take a breather and remember how loved you are. 😘❀️️
  • babygirl8582❀️
  • fallindap@thehappilyeva just read the post on people. I am so sorry this happened to Major. And I am so sorry you are struggling. You are right, it could have been anyone -- my daughter fell off the changing table because as ground hog day goes I could swear I strapped her in! I turn to get a diaper from the closet only a foot away and bam! That's the first time she'd rolled over and guess where she landed! I took her to the ER. Frightened just doesn't describe what I felt. And she is 11 now and reminds me of how once she fell off the changing table ... ugh! Let me say I never changed her on that table again. I put her on the floor. Can't fall from the floor, can you? You are a smart gal, so go easy on yourself now that you've basically self-whiplashed! Thinking about you and thank you for sharing that scary story and so happy your bundle of love is okay!!! Yay!!! πŸ€—
  • coffeechatgirl@thehappilyeva Eva - Happy New Year!!! Thank you for making my 2016 tolerable. My mom passed away and my father-in-love passed away. So needless to say I am ready to turn a new page in the book of life. I read your story about Major Boy. First I am so thankful that he is doing great!! As many of your faithful mom followers have said before me that they too have experienced a traumatic incident with their newborns. My daughter slid out of her high chair and on to the floor. Thank goodness she is ok but even that doesn't make the replay in your head any easier. Lean on us. Your true supporters. We have your back. Fresh air will help you breathe. Sunlight. And talk about how you are feeling. We will listen if you need us. Be good to yourself. Sending much love and support. Love Robyn πŸ˜β˜•πŸ’πŸ»
  • keltic2kidsBeautiful family! So glad Major pulled through and is doing well, hope sharing the story brings you relief and peace <3
  • olsonfam1@thehappilyeva I just read your story about you son being dropped by the nurse... DO NOT LET ANYONE JUDGE YOU! As you've been told it could have happened to anyone. I respect you guilt, your a mom, we have guilt over big and little things , we can't help ourselves . So glad your precious little man is okay. Years ago my daughter was very sick after An immunization , a nurse told me the best thing, "they are doing better tha
  • olsonfam1@thehappilyeva "than you, they will heal, we will never forget " it's so true, she is now a healthy 18 year old college student, yet my husband and I will never forget that rough year.. I hope your pain will ease with time...β€πŸ™
  • theonesirj@thehappilyeva, you took measures to ensure enough rest post-birth, and rightfully so by hiring help. This is the practice world over, so no judgement can be against your actions. Someone literally slept on their job and that is not your fault by any measure! Costly outcome, but nothing in your control. Couldawouldashoulda doesn't even come in on this. Keep your fam strong and together, that's your role strong mommy! Much love from a father who knows and cares! #supportivedad #fam1stalways
  • heatheroo77I can't imagine how terrifying, I am a mother of 4 and I had an incident last summer where I was picking berries with my 5 year old and my fussy newborn daughter...I had just settled her and put her back in her stroller and started picking 5 year old decided to push her closer to me and on the uneven ground tipped the stroller...the baby landed on the ground half in a blueberry bush...I had to brush dirt off her little face, it was first I thought she was bleeding on her head but I turned out to be crushed berries. She ended up with barely a scratch but it was embarrassing and terrifying that I let it happen I didn't buckle her in... I have been a mother for 13 years and things like this CAN happen to anyone!! Prayers for peace
  • anthonystjosephI am happy to just come in contact with your pesonal sharings and wish you many blessings! Your blog that I just read, 'The Struggle Is Real', was heartfelt and meaningful ~ you deserve the BEST!
  • dereyckjasmineBeautiful family!! Happy New Year from Belgium 😊
  • miriam.archettiHappy New Year from Glenhaven Sydney. I truly hope you & your family find the strength in each other to get through this awful experience, most mothers have a similar trauma at some stage of raising their kids & know that first reaction of blaming yourself is part of being a wonderful mother that lives for her children. I am happy to hear you have passed this stage & come to the realization that it could have happened with or without you, my Mum used to say " accidents are unavoidable" which is quite poignant. Continue to love your family & the beautiful people they become will be reward enough. Happy parenting .
  • mrs_bree_@thehappilyeva happy new year for you and your lovely family πŸ€—β­οΈπŸ˜
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