• rhettmillerI'm glad I get to ring in 2017 doing my favorite thing, making music.
    I hope the new year brings you joy and peace and love.

  • schmoo897Wish I was there!
  • reneardh@rhettmiller Happy New Year! Wish I was there!
  • mynameischelbyWish I was there for this perfect set list
  • leon_georgesWoo wee,what a great set...Happy New Year !
  • rosedefiantThanks and same to you sweet person that you are! See you next year.
  • superkaty00Come back to dallas!!
  • amy.litSuch a great time, thank you so much!
  • nittanyrnThanks for "Belong" for my hubby and I for our anniversary!! Fantastic show, as always!!
  • jenbitmanSorry you got shocked tonight. Great show despite the pain⚡️
  • tallrollerskatesCheers Rhett and Happy New day :)
  • smcdonald413I was glad to ring in 2017 doing one of my favorite things--listening to you guys play! What a fun night! Thanks for a great (although a little shocking 😉) show and Happy New Year, Rhett!
  • kimberly.kelleyI hope this year brings @rhettmiller to philly
  • meanjeenieWhat a night! Thank you!
  • michael.chabonHey, where's Victorville?
  • doreenladrieNice! I especially like the last song on the first page! 😉 happy new year Rhett!
  • dzimm808Thanks for tons of fabulous music and unforgettable performances! Happy New Year to you and yours!
  • mmmmpieThank you for all you do. Your music is a gift. All the best in 2017 to you and yours. ❤️
  • stillafireflyBoth nights were glorious! Thanks so much for spending NYE with us...and next time you're getting the hell shocked out of you by malfunctioning equipment, just stop till it's fixed, for luvva God...that started to be upsetting to watch ♥
  • crierbrothers☠🎸
  • carlala263I was le 888!
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