Whether straight, wavy or curly, if you’re looking to rock something new in the new year, we’ve got a lineup for you. #happynewyear #xoOGX
  • ogx_beautyWhether straight, wavy or curly, if you’re looking to rock something new in the new year, we’ve got a lineup for you. #happynewyear #xoOGX

  • misskeilamarie💜💜💜
  • _mely0126_Yes. Get it to go back. Lol haven't put an product other than oils in after I wash hoping it'll grow back am not die
  • shes.smokin.treesBeen using these products for over a year now and would never switch back to other shampoos. Absalutly love ogx ♡
  • aevans2024@em_faith17 I scored the orchid shampoo, conditioner and oil spray on Black Friday at Ulta. It. Is. Aaaahmazing.
  • aevans2024I must have at least 8 different kinds of shampoos/conditioners in my shower, with 3 others in my linen closet....because I have no more room in the shower for any others LOL. Love this stuff!!
  • healthcoachinst👏
  • f4irydustinqHey doll love your brand id love to work more with you feel free to email me using the email in my bio
  • ogx_beauty@edith_mwaura we'd recommend trying our Shea Soft & Smooth line 💕
  • ogx_beauty@stellied they were JUST released on Jan 1st 😊
  • ogx_beauty@shes.smokin.trees 😘
  • annabannas32@ogx_beauty these are my holy grail hair care products. I would love to do a review for you. Xoxo 😘
  • _mely0126_@annabannas32 what's to review. Do people not know these products are heaven sent lol.
  • _mely0126_@sootyfluffy I tried so hard to grown out. I couldn't stand the blah of my roots cause I have light eyebrows an Green eyes. Trying again and these products the last 6 months have been .....idk what to use. They have been amazing. I bleached my hair to start over and it was so crispy an all I didn't was trim a little herr an there and then I just used hask. Saved my hair. People couldn't believe that it was so much better 2 weeks after an almost shave an get a wig moment
  • butterflyrebornYup thanks for asking.
  • zaynab.adsGet my curls back😩
  • omfgitsval.aDoes a company run this account or a person
  • geahgoldCan you guys please bring the sugar plum back out ! I had no idea it was a limited edition. I'm so sad now that I can't even buy it 😪
  • couldbeteenspiritYou really need to show the back of your bottles. I need to know if these have sulfates.
  • yeahdatway_____❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ So in love !!
  • jackieeedawnnn@rayyyyyyna
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