Happy New Years eve everyone!!! #goodbye2016 #hello2017
  • officialjackieevanchoHappy New Years eve everyone!!! #goodbye2016 #hello2017

  • ch4rlyg7@sugaranne312 you're the moron brainwashed by the media, let the girl sing it's her choice, and a very brave one and for your info this girl might not be old enough to vote but for sure got more intellect in her right pinky that you and your generation could one day dream of. Stay off this account you hater, libtards are not welcome here.
  • cameron.gatesdate me pls
  • goldwalker111This idiot talks about her family support but her sister wont guy hmm wonder why u dumb as little fame whore ! Fuck donald trump
  • agthenewfiftyBest of luck tomorrow! 🇺🇸👍🏼👍🏼
  • ygc@goldwalker111 is it fun being a loser with no money?
  • goldwalker111@ygc i have no idea i sale weed so im ballin. Ill ask ur mom tonight tho ....👹
  • ygc@goldwalker111 sell** you incompetent monkey.
  • goldwalker111No its sale u rasist trump lover! lmao white people.... u problea think jesus is white to lol . Tell ur mom i said sup
  • goldwalker111Yes i called u white cuz u yourobviously brain washed. U should be making bombs lmao @ygc
  • ygc@goldwalker111 you should be gathering cotton, monkey.
  • ygc@goldwalker111 and your comebacks are shit, maybe stop smoking weed and get an education. 🤣
  • goldwalker111😢your mom loves my come back @ygc.
  • ygc@goldwalker111 your ancestors love my whippings 😉
  • goldwalker111Lmao wow . Read a book hajib didn't you know that originally African Americans were the ones who were in charge it's on the Egyptian hieroglyphs that your people get so mad about. I dont give lessons for free ! Ur moms mouth will suffice as payment. @ygc. Lol. I know ur mad ....go blow some shit up
  • ygc@goldwalker111 not Arab you uncultured ape😂 stay buttblasted broke boy😘
  • ygc@goldwalker111 enjoy that L while I block ya. 👌🏻
  • goldwalker111Lmao damn .u that brain washed hajib? God bless ur little heart . Happy bombing. Tell ur mom i forgot my watch over there 😂
  • goldwalker111Lmao. i made u block me? And i got a L? 😂😂😂😂 Breath ..... @ygc
  • photo.eagle007Beautiful
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