• thefootballramble2016 has been a vintage year for the Ramble and we couldn't do any of it without you all.
    Thanks so much to every last one of you for all your support and correspondence over the last 12 months, you truly made it a year to remember.
    Stay crazy forever! Here's to 2017!

    Luke, Marcus, Jim and Pete x

  • matmurrayGo fuck yourself.
  • gothbothererThat's what football do to ya! Happy new year fellas.
  • jack_dun5t0n3Idea for opening question, if you could choose a car to go with a team for their condition and how they play (since Leicester got Audis for winning the league)
  • jonhudsnoHey guys you're welcome
  • switchthreesPete is pulling a Ronaldo and is on his tippy toes
  • shanecarroll84Daft little venue
  • amydemallieBest pod, so happy I found you guys, keeping it light but at the same time keeping it true to how the fans that love the game talk about it 👏🏼👏🏼
  • samuelsaurus_rexGo fuck yourselves. Happy new year. X
  • sai_lee1986Happy new year, guys. Pleasure is ours x
  • jellyv3Probably my favourite podcast. Probably. Happy new year!
  • dankillingtonLovely stuff X
  • stoppagetime49 years after the summer of love.
  • bearded_labradorHappy New Year lads and thanks for a thoroughly entertaining 2016. Now go Fuck yourselves.
  • jmcgurk20Happy New Year Boys! Silly Little Podcast Fuck off 😝
  • ben_weeeekesFuck off you bunch of MELTS
  • massivecntbubbleOr maybe #notpetecoshesoneffingholidayAgain!!! Massive melt
  • jleemac3Happy new year fellas. Your podcasts have been a highlight of 2016. X
  • martin10buckleyShut your fucking noise!
  • andre_moynihanIs Pete in his Edward Scissorhands gear?
  • byoung1990Marcus is far smaller than I envisioned. Opposite for Jim, although looks like he's trying to steal an inch...
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