#Usher shares how he and his wife are ending off #2016
  • theshaderoom#Usher shares how he and his wife are ending off #2016

  • im_nomariahI didn't know he was married
  • kingcharlesxxlHe ain't learn that marriage ain't where it's at yet?
  • chocolateessence27He remarried???????
  • rukelzThis is just disrespective
  • tres_stimulante@chanelsimone_5 but the difference is she's a grown woman, her daughter is still underage. Just cause you have a child doesn't mean you have to be saintly. She's not showing any goods. Courtesy of the 🍑
  • tcvv._Bonita apple bum 🌚
  • khollinshedjordanSurprise! Usher is a married man. The “U Got It Bad" crooner and girlfriend Grace Miguel secretly wed prior to jetting off to Cuba for their honeymoon over Labor Day weekend
  • chanelsimone_5@tres_stimulante You know the shade room covers up things all of the time. This is not the original picture. The original picture shows everything. All I'm saying is that moms want to be on social media showing their goods, but the minute their daughters start doing something it's considered "inappropriate"
  • tres_stimulante@chanelsimone_5 all I can say is this new era we in is weird af! 13year olds look 21 & moms are acting like they're 18 again. But still she's an adult & grown which is usually the answer parents tell their kids when they themselves do something inappropriate. I personally wouldn't want my husband doing this to me but to each their own
  • fabulousjihan@im_nomariah he been married. He married his business manager. It was all in the press when it happened.
  • fabulousjihan@chocolateessence27 a long time ago. He is married to his business manager. She is also much older than him.
  • fabulousjihan@s0l0_charm it's been a while now since he got married. They keep it private. She is his business manager and is older than him.
  • fabulousjihanThat's not cool. They usually keep their relationship private so I am surprised he posted this. It's inappropiate.
  • s0l0_charm@fabulousjihan oh Okies well if he happy fuk it
  • alovelycookie@fabulousjihan it's not his manger .. his mom was his (then) manager he married his stylist which he divorced & remarried.
  • fabulousjihan@alovelycookie usher introduced his new wife to the world when it go out that he got married. This was over a year or so. People were shocked it was her because no one knew they were in a relationship l
  • ewura_adjoaoxoxoSome of these celebrities have no chill whatsoever. That should of been kept in private. U don't have to show it to the world
  • keepinthefaith1000Her name is Michelle Grave Harry..aka Grace Miguel they married secretly in September 2015. Bummer
  • keepinthefaith1000*Grace
  • brooklyn_nyc_frandyBeautiful
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