Just picked out my NYE outfit for tonite....good riddance... #2016sucked #toomanylostheroes #endlesslyrocking
  • geddyimagesJust picked out my NYE outfit for tonite....good riddance... #2016sucked #toomanylostheroes #endlesslyrocking

  • paulnewhartThat's right
  • nbudinskiIs that a Questionable Content t-shirt?? I thought I couldn't love you any more 😍😍
  • neilpeartssynthsenseSo true, 2016 was my worst year. Only one really amazing thing happened, everything else was okay or really bad. 😔
  • leksihenIndeed it did, particularly because a certain band retired...
  • doubleagentangelReally hope starting in 2017 we get some or one of the following.
  • doubleagentangel1. A new Rush studio album No tour is necessary. Rush can be a studio band for the rest of your lives. 2. Rush starts releasing volumes every few months of complete soundboard shows available from all of the tours available at Fogo. 3. Solo album and tour by Geddy and Alex or just Geddy. 4. Geddy inducts Yes with Alex and Neil into RRHOF and Geddy replaces Chris Squire or joins The Who as their bassist. 5. The cutting room floor footage for Exit Stage Left, Grace Under Pressure Tour, and A Show Of Hands is released into a full show and finally put out on blu ray 5.1 DTS. 6. Your old label Mercury does a long over due audit of the Rush catalog. Permanent Waves, Signals, Grace Under Pressure, Power Windows, Exit Stage Left, Hold Your Fire, A Show of Hands especially. They haven't been audited for RIAA certification since their releases! 7. Geddy Lee instructional video. 8. Blu ray disc of every music video done by Rush. Not scattered on 8 releases. Happy 2017!
  • glennlerxst2112True but there was still no Disco 💃😜✌️
  • dvlsltlsistrWith the glasses. :D Love you Geddy!
  • badg3rdogSo true, Geddy. Hope 2017 is good to you and the boys! I spent the last hours of 2016 watching Rush: Time Stand Still. Really could not think of a better way to end the year.
  • rushnebbishCubs won the World Series!
  • whillopSorry 'Bout your Jays, but hey ... THE CUBBIES DID IT !!!
  • beintemasGlad that fucking 6 is gone!!
  • jose.carvalho.66hope 2017 is better. it won't be difficult. i would love to see some new rush material ;)
  • rorschach992Rush although now without Neil was thankful untouched
  • thecoldwarrior22@geddyimages, you Geddy Rush is in need of a new album, will there be a chance the kings of Rock (Rush) will be doing a new album. P.S make an effort to come to Australia to promote the new album if it happens
  • stevenblandinphotographyExcellent Shot!
  • beckychapp8Time is a spiral...space is a curve...I think the bright folk on the planet need to push peace and renewable energy which will help peace to happen, I have some ideas.
  • renaissancemaster#rushreturns2017 ✌✌
  • renaissancemaster@doubleagentangel Absolutely! I've even said what would be wrong having 2 hour shows with an opening act again? We would all be grateful for that much. But I agree. Studio albums without a tour are much better than no studio albums at all. 👍
  • lifesons_12_stringProbably the last to comment then eh?
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