An epic journey it's been, and another year of pillaging awaits us. Until then... Be safe, party on and raise your horns! #2016bestnine #jomsviking
  • amonamarthAn epic journey it's been, and another year of pillaging awaits us. Until then... Be safe, party on and raise your horns! #2016bestnine #jomsviking

  • anissabelkheirHappy new year !
  • eversondacostaoliveiraHappy new year 2017 !
  • hbrand1@marshallhelms if they can come back to Atlanta...
  • utkarsh009Raise your horns 😈 happy new year...
  • mithian27Happy New Year 🤘🏻
  • mducrocq68Happy fucking all the vikings out there...
  • syrussmithHappy new year guys! Hope to see you in Argentina this new year that's coming!
  • _blood_prince_8523_Happy New Year You are a great band 🙌
  • rachel.metalheadHappy new year to the best band ever
  • maggotymandy@dsea
  • ecomppen@amonamarth Happy New Year, Skal!
  • dwnottHappy New Year! 🎉
  • alejandrov.a.189Happy new year @amonamarth tge great vinkings of modern age
  • kiliana.van.hauweHappy new year
  • ayako_mochizuki116We wish the best for Amon Amarth 2017🌈
  • rafaelss.novaera@lukasluz0
  • lukasluz0@rafaelss.novaera pra 2017 ficar melhor eles podiam vir p ca
  • barbsataIt was going to be a great closing the year 2016 when i went to see you (Amon Amarth) in Oslo the last 15 of December! We where more than happy and exited mainly because we paid for a meet and treat ! We where like omg we will meet the guys of our favorite band !!! I was almost in heaven until we had to go direct to hell because there where NO meet and treat the company in charge of that didnt send the correct time of it and after waiting for 2 hours as we where said to do, they say to us that the band Amon Amarth was not going to meet us after the concert so in little words the band gave us the finger ! But to add more dissapointed when i got back to Sweden (where i live ) I called the company in charge of the meet and greet and they say AMON AMARTH SAID WE HAD THE MEET AND TREAT??? AND IM LIKE WTF YOU FUCKING LIARS ! And well thats how my year ended i lost 165 dollars, 1500 sek . SO THANK YOU SO MUCH AMON AMARTH FOR FUCKING MY YEAR I HOPE THAT MONEY THAT YOU STOLE FROM ME WAS WORTH IT !
  • barbsata@crissyimmortal thanks for your message but in this case your wrong because to start it wasnt only me they didnt Meet and Great with AA, we where around 12 people that had the same exact problem we where all waiting in the entrance in Oslo (freezing by the way) only two persons made it to the Meat and Greet (you can see the pictures in the AA oficial webpage in the section Meet and great pictures in Oslo). Is a little odd that only 2 people where there dont you think? And since AA care so much for there fans why they didnt care? i mean if you are a band you have a meet and greet and only 2 person show up in Oslo? I mean isnt that weird? I called Ticketspin in USA (i live in Sweden ) and they said that the band said he made the Meet and Great with the fans and they guy in Ticketspin treat me like i was lying to add that to all this, like i was going to spend mony calling Ticketspin to the USA to say a lie ???? I do not have money to spend in fake telephone calls!!! So for me is sad but AA went from being my number 1 band to yeah a good band but as normal people they suck ! And i will still say they stold frome me and the other 12 people !!!!
  • barbsataI wish they could read this message and say something take responsability for this huge huge mistake or whatever you want to name it!!! If we only had an explanation ! but well that is AA
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