Submit your prayer requests for 2017 below! Your faith will NOT fail, in Jesus' name! #TBJoshua #MyFaithWillNotFail #EmmanuelTV #NewYearsEve #PrayerRequest #Prayer #SCOAN #GoodMorning #2017
  • tbjoshuaSubmit your prayer requests for 2017 below! Your faith will NOT fail, in Jesus' name! #TBJoshua #MyFaithWillNotFail #EmmanuelTV #NewYearsEve #PrayerRequest #Prayer #SCOAN #GoodMorning #2017

  • bustermpofuMay God help me fight my weaknesses and start preschool business, fruit of the womb
  • mrsmukwindaI pray for wisdom...and breakthrough in all areas of my life..
  • ericasanansiI pray God grant me the Grace to overcome temptation...and let his wisdom abide in me always. Amen
  • mimiluv_odosSuccessful wedding ceremony, blessed and protection.....long life and prosperity in my life, my husband , his parent ANd my parent
  • chokeokaforLet very york dat corses me delay in getin married be lifted in Jesus name. Amen
  • chokeokaforBreakthrough in my life nd Bussiness
  • nsajimosesTo overcome the trail am passing through
  • delladv77Would like to visit scoan for my 40th bday. My mother turns 60 also and wants to visit scoan
  • e.kelly3909pray for me for traviling breakthrough
  • _barongo_it_iz_God guide my way in 2017...and I perform well in my NECTA EXAM..@tbjoshua
  • aminata_fodeEmmanuella ............ pray for me for my family and care break through, my Business, and my marriage break through ,
  • mercyg420Pray for my family,my mom whose sick my studies my friends and my country
  • prophetessfavaSuccess in the ministry and business. Thank you Father for breakthrough in the name of Jesus Christ.!
  • swilekaboleTrue follewet of master Jesus
  • soloinspiredGod should make me know him more and do his will here on earth everday of my life
  • esaienadoPrière pour mon ministère en tant que Pasteur, que Dieu me donne un ministère remplit de sa présence, de son amour,de sa foi. Que je soit en tout temps humble, et lui donne toute la gloire. Aussi mon mariage, et toutes activités en 2017
  • hambelelenitnGod heal my face
  • mrs_elago_God to strengthen me in my life journey.
  • prophet_daniel_daniel_shillahPROSPERITY, BIG MINISTRY, TO FLY IN A CRUSADE
  • mariachabalalaMan of God please heal my sister from metal illness, may I get promoted from my job,may my wedding be successful on April
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