• estherjuleeIs there something you want to try again to see how much you've progressed? .
    This is from my very first backpacking trip (5 yrs ago) - the Sayacmarca ruins along the Inca trail. I was slowly trying to convert myself from indoorsy to outdoorsy, and it was the hardest physical challenge of my life at the time. Now, I'm really curious if it'd be easier. .
    #localadventurer #incatrail #incaruins #visitperu @visitperu #visitsouthamerica

  • estherjulee@poageterry I'm sure there's something! I know it's not something I could just come up with on the spot though 🤔
  • estherjulee@s.r.c_photography thank you! ❤❤❤
  • marcelinabijakThis is awesome! Happy New Year💚
  • travelistasecretsI love Peru!!! Happy new year!!
  • conciergecoupleGreat question. I'd like to try surfing again
  • maracroftHappy new year Esther!!😍😘
  • mariandthecity@estherjulee I hope so.😊 really wanna visit Peru this year
  • viridisxxThis is sooo beautiful.
  • saramelotti_Ahhh can't wait to get here this year!!
  • infectiousizziethis is amazing and beautiful! #bucketlist
  • vagabond3I'd love to climb Mt Fiji again. We did it in 2010 and didn't make it all the way to the top. Need to finish
  • estherjulee@infectiousizzie thank you!! The views are absolutely worth the work you put into it! 🙌🏼❤
  • estherjulee@vagabond3 how many miles is that hike? 😱
  • y_o_k_i@estherjulee we spent there for 4days so we hiked several trails including the narrow!😌🌿 we loved the narrow, but we also enjoyed angels landing and observation point as well❤️ And yes 26miles in 4 days doesn't sound awful..🌟 I need to visit there someday! Peru is definitely on my bucket list✈️💕💕
  • estherjulee@y_o_k_i oh I definitely want to do observation point too! And the subway if I can get permits 😊 I hope you get to do this hike! I think the views on the hike were so much better than Machu Picchu itself
  • andre_revBeautiful
  • myrestlessroamingspiritHave you done other multi day hikes over the years?
  • witandfollySo you haven't always loved the outdoors?? You definitely seem the adventure-y type though!! I'm sure this would be much easier for you the second time around!
  • tatang.suandiBeautiful view
  • andi_fisherI think you could do it!
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