• beyondtype1Meet @sarahspillerr "I live beyond by not being ashamed of my diabetes. This has allowed me to easily talk to others about my diabetes and to able to advocate for myself and others through blogging and going to summer camp with other kids with diabetes. I strive to be a role model for people my age and younger, so they know that living with diabetes isn't a sentence to a life of boredom; it's merely another challenge that can be overcome in life. (A challenge that also happens to make you kind of amazing.) My name is Sarah and this i show I live beyond!"

  • karlycwanYou're not sick, you are strong and stunning! Thanks for the inspiration!
  • psychoglycemic_t1dia_beat_thisYou are beautiful! Keep showing them you can do anything
  • mummybear24I hope our daughter grows up to have your attiude dx aged 2 x she is 10 next year x resentment is a big worry for me xx❤❤
  • nathalie_fordeyn😊
  • josephxyoungYou're beautiful and strong! Let's all get through this together! :)
  • rachel.vaughanI was diagnosed in 1985 at the age of 11. All the kids thought I was contagious and tried to avoid me. My friends finally came around with help from a little education. Type 1 was not very well known back then. Today I check my bs in public, I show off my pump. I'm the store manager for my local convenience store. I try to work something about type 1 into conversation everyday. Knowledge is power!
  • dadisplacedyooperYou betcha! Even stronger. I'm 25 years into T1D and a baby boomer. Having T1D has compelled me to stay so in tune with health that I am way healthier than others my age.
  • mindy_bartlesonI know her!!!!! @sarahspillerr- this is you right?? :)
  • sarahspillerr@mindy_bartleson yep that's me!!!
  • misskatie_panayiLove this! I hope my 5 year old daughter grows into as strong, confident abd brave
  • misskatie_panayiAnd brave as you! Xxx
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