Makin music that's what I do. #studiolife
  • officialjackieevanchoMakin music that's what I do. #studiolife

  • bibi198426@tommy_d733 @ggplnt you both are fighting like two virgins trying to show they are two grown men 😂😂😂 but you both lives at your parents places 😂😂😂 frustration is driving you crazy... You both are trying to draw some attention, and jealous of 16 years old Jackie because she'll perform in front of the united States president...😂😂😂damn I love lab rats...
  • faty.n97Wonderful news!!😍😍😍🙈🙈🙈
  • a_16_girlI am waiting for that but which song?@officialjackieevancho
  • mkball71Wish I was sitting with a hot beverage listinin
  • bibi198426@johngregorybiggins ohh Turkish boy... You're back? Aren't you supposed to be selling Kebabs out there...So wish ambassador are planing to kill This time muslim terrorists?
  • bibi198426@tommy_d733 hey micropenis is back....So enjoyed your lunchtime??? Mama Cooked something for her boy? Nice so now you'll Tell us how big Chief you are in your Mama's bedroom?...And how did you discovered that you're not a hermaphrodite...But a boy with a micropenis...
  • lappo357Yey! #SingingIsLifeOfJackie ☺👍🎶
  • grammyjcmillerBlock those crude people esp tommy
  • samarainhawaiiKeep singing Jackie don't let anyone tell you otherwise.
  • samarainhawaiiI'm sorry Jackie you have to listen to this you shouldn't have to put up with this. Cyber bullying is not right.
  • lightningboi1977Hello Earth Angel. I love being a studio professional and a multi-musician! How awesome it would be to Collab with you! Have a happy new year, God bless all of those you love...and of course. All my love! 💖
  • dmp.trmp@bibi198426 هل لديك أعظم صوت في العالم. كنت أغني مثل الطيور وكنت رؤية التميز. عندما أستمع إلى الموسيقى الخاصة بك، وأنا أتناول بعيدا إلى مكان خاص حيث كل شيء السماوي. لديك صوت ملاكا لأنك ملاك. لا تدع أي شخص يأخذ ذلك بعيدا عنك.
  • patriciocruzatThanks goodness for what you do. You have no idea on how much we appreciate and love you. Perhaps you do, but it is very difficult to put our feelings in words. Happy 2017!!!
  • rransonexeiYou make your fans like me to play in "bubble-wrap" for as long as we want to as far as talent of yours goes.loL
  • sdaley87so Jackie, whacha singing anyway.? you might think “ya, wouldn't you like to know.!”.. and you'd be right.!! - because yes, I, and millions of others, would definitely like to know.. :)
  • dh1796We love you Jackie! Congratulations!
  • muhasarrCancel your appearance
  • johngregorybiggins@muhasarr ..cancel your life
  • launchmoduleLove the studio.
  • 30thd10Great
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